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  1. The MoDaCo Gift Guide 2013

    Got myself some lipstick ^_^ Thanks for the tip :D Now only if I could find a portable bluetooth speaker.. =)
  2. So... which Nexus(') are you buying?

    I'm really interrested in the Nexus 7 3G to do some basic work on the go :) For the other two, I'd rather wait and see how the Padfone 2 will turn out :D
  3. EE announce 4G LTE tariffs - hilarity ensues

    Man, you Brits are spoiled :P When I first saw thece prices (I live in The Netherlands) I was like "OMG THAT'S CHEAP" :o
  4. Does size matter? Spending time with the Galaxy Note.

    I disagree with the "cheapness" argument too. I had a Dell Streak before which was mostly metaly and the build quality was pretty bad compared to the Note. Stuff began peeling off after about 6 months of use. I have the Note for nearly 6 months now and it still is in perfect shape.
  5. Does size matter? Spending time with the Galaxy Note.

    The only time I used the S Pen was to play Fruit Ninja. Apart from that it is kind of useless :D
  6. We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    Random fact: I like raspberries :D
  7. notifcations, headphones and speakers

    The Galaxy Note plays notification sounds via the headphones (On Rocket ROM at least), but the ringtone is still played through the speaker.
  8. That's pretty much where I came from :D
  9. @Azurren, I'm having the same issue. Random reboot loops, but I can't seem to pinpoint what is wrong. It can happen after receiving bluetooth files. Trying to open the camera app (which doesn't want to start most of the time), and other stuff.
  10. Anyone else experiencing the animation when locking the screen playing very slowly for the first few frames? It takes about 1 second for me to play the complete animation.
  11. Apparently this issue is caused by flashing the international language addon found on XDA. When I flashed 2.4 again this problem is solved.
  12. Here is a real dealbreaker I'm having: Whenever I get an incoming call, the phone process crashes, and I can't answer the call. I'm running 240 DPI with the international (including phone) patches.
  13. http://www.androidguys.com/2011/10/13/michael-dell-android-developed-expectations/ So.....Don't expect a new Streak I guess... :D
  14. I am also having the Wifi dying issue. Is there any fix for that?
  15. 24 hours on 2.4 and I'm pretty fond of it. The issues I had are the following: - ADBWireless crashes the streak and reboots. - No USSD support - boot takes a bit longer - Where is streaklight, streak radio, and fm_hcitool? :P None of these are annoyances, though. Me like :3 Everything is running very smooth compared to SD1.9.1! Go launcher transitions were very choppy, but now they look nice :D