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  1. lazyliam

    Wrong Time & Date

    1970 bug also present on my lg g2 and there's a little zip to correct it though its only a material bug try xda if it's concerning you but i certainly wouldn't be returning my phone over it Good luck
  2. lazyliam

    Root and Bootloader discussion

    Brings back good memories seeing budget device garning lots of attention on here thinking of my on so beloved San Fran lol I'm using a lg g2 now which also has a locked boatloader and without really knowing much anything about it can you not use bump
  3. lazyliam

    Charging bug?

    Last 3 days I've noticed when charging sometimes when I wake screen it gives charge percent sometimes it doesn't no biggie but last night it didn't state fully charged I checked battery stats it said 100 percent so I took off charger but it's not refreshed my screen time etc any notice similar and I'm completely stock any opinions?
  4. lazyliam

    Power button rattle

    Anyone got same thing please respond whether you have are havent considering getting replacement power button seems really lose and rattles volume rocker is a lot snugger and sturdier certainly doesn't rattle on googling it seems a common issue with moto x any advice much appreciated. PS excellent device nice to see superboot thank you paul
  5. Really interested in this device getting lots.of attnention on hotukdeals im a little surprised youve not ran an article on here with being the budget kings lol one big issue for.me ive not seen mentioned in 100s of reviews and.comments bootloader comon people in the know is it locked?
  6. lazyliam

    ZTE Blade V - budget quad core phone coming to the UK

    Lol love the comment above just checking myself thinking same thing I'm itching to get one galaxy s struggling bad with jb and 512 ram plus gets me of that aloof xda lol miss this place and the original blade days :-)
  7. lazyliam

    What to buy to wireless charge your Nexus 4

    Could be wrong but I seen somewhere Touchstone's work and I've just googled and they seen to be qi so fingers crossed
  8. Hi I still check this site all time mainly now to read news im not using blade anymore but these blade forums havesome of the most talented and helpful devs ever but equally some of the most rude disrespectful users one could ever imagine no names but IE hackers 1st comment on page one your mum really would be proud
  9. Referring to galaxy s not San Fran but can't post on xda and this site/forum has always been amazing to me I'm getting really high maybe 25 percent time without signal but phones never left my hands and all though I am getting 1bar and even no bars signal quite often phone always carrys giffgaff in notification and never emergency can anyone shed any light on what's happening and does it.mean 25 percent of time I'm actually not contactable any help much appreciated
  10. lazyliam


    Glad to see so much interest in my topic yep your correct I'm on stock rom but have run nearly every rom going coming from the blade I'm a rom junky loving some of the ics roms aokp my personal favorite I don't really oc but have tried and on a few roms can run 1400 very stable keep reverting back to stock gb cause its only way I can run 4od and 720p recorded videos through tv now giffgaff really rocks anyway 2 generations are 20 I still wouldn't swap lol
  11. lazyliam


    Thanks for quick reply boy I miss this site these forums but I don't like the new sitelay out well I say new maybe a month are 2 old and I recommended the g300 to a friend hes happy as larry and from what I've used of it impressive piece of kit especially at this price point
  12. Quadrant scores I've seen people getting 1900s and on my galaxy s I'm only getting 1200 yet I've used my friends g300 and very nice it is but I just can't see it being 50 percent quicker anyone shed more light on this for me please
  13. Stupid question but I'm ordering of Ebay 8.48 specialise incorrect spelling I know but what model number are you all inputting g300 are what any help please
  14. lazyliam

    Xperia play?

    My 2 pence worth writing this on a sgs 1 having owned a play is no comparison screen on play seemed no better if not worse than than San Fran which I did do love to bits and what about looks too again no comparison to heavy chunky clunky play just not for me anyway glad your happy with it hope you have as much fun and longevity as we did with are trusty blades THE KING IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE KING and gotta say still addicted to this forum and daily reader you guys really do rock
  15. lazyliam

    App Piracy

    hiya interesting.post and good luck getting it sorted just 1 more thing u never mentioned the name off your most popular app because ill try anything for free lol :-) joke pal and merry Christmas all