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  1. Well I'm absolutely loving it! All the negative things I've heard about it are just scaremongering if you ask me. The screen isn't the highest resolution true, but it really does not bother me in the slightest me...in fact I love it. I think it's a 'what you're used to' kind of situation. I'm still using my Samsung Omnia 7 (and still got the Orange SF lurking around somewhere lol!) so this is a bi step up for me. I can understand that someone coming from a 1080p screen will see it as a step down but really that's all it is, it doesn't make the screen crappy. I also find colours are good and brightness is fine. Build quality is ok....just get a little creak now and then round where all the parts are but I sort of expect that tbh. I love the feel of the back and think in person it looks much better than in the pics. Performance is obviously pretty stellar and even better after I whacked Nova launcher on and sped up the animations. The camera isn't the best and I've not really found the AOHDR mode in 4.3 to be anything amazing, but I have taken a few snaps of my baby in good lighting and they are really nice pics! Love the dual speakers, plenty loud enough for what I need it for and good enough quality as well. That's it really, I got mine for £90 which is frankly deal of the year as far as I'm concerned. I imagine even at full price I'd still take this over a nexus 7 (2013) despite the screen difference due to the stylus support and SD expandability (thank god for 4.3 apps2sd). The only other sacrifice would be the updates but it seems like Nvidia are trying to keep it up to date so hopefully that will continue.
  2. shoobirdy

    Android 4.3 now available.

    I'm having some issues with WiFi connectivity - not sure if it was there prior to the 4.3 update. Basically, sometimes when I pay a visit to toilet and have a read (it's replaced all my newspapers and magazines lol) I'll lose my WiFi signal - not concerned with that so much as I think I get a lot of interference in my flat from our baby monitor - but the problem is that when I get back in range it won't reconnect. If I check in the WiFi settings it's seeing my router with good strength and clicking on it gives me the "forget this network" notification so it's suggesting it's connected - but in the notification bar at the top there's no bars and I get no reception. Even toggling aeroplane mode off/on will not resolve this - I have to do a complete reboot. It's not a complete deal breaker for me...but let's just say I'm hoping it's a software thing and not a hardware one - can't be bothered taking it back and replacing it etc.
  3. Well imo there's no better deal out atm than the Nexus 4 if you can pony up an extra £20 or so to your max budget and manage with just 8gb of storage - oh and wait a couple of weeks until it ships again :)
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    Currently using on ParanoidAndroid Blade 3.1/AOSPA 4.2.2 rom and seems to be working a treat so far - app management showing 19mb at the moment :D Thanks AROdame!
  5. shoobirdy

    Win an Asus / Google Nexus 7 with Amzer and MoDaCo

    Nice work MoDaCo - you've got some really great competitions over the past few months :D I haven't won any but it's fun to take part anyway :P Good luck everyone!
  6. I use the same as the post above. I've had no problems and loved it so far apart from not being able to access 'adult' content and doing it on the website doesn't seem to be working for me so I'll have to call them up I guess. FYI, I was trying to access bounty.com (having a baby in November :) ) so not really sure why access to that's restricted but meh! I had read something saying tethering's ok on this plan but tbh didn't read the T&C's so maybe I was wrong, but like the post above I get through lots of GBs a month - tethering to my computer, downloading apps, netflix etc. Not tried torrenting on this yet but when I did it on Giffgaff they sent me the warning email (even though I was torrenting on my phone). I thought I'd read that the data cap on the plan in 10000GB or something (tongue-in-cheek) as that's the maximum you could download in a month if you were downloading at max. network speeds 24/7 for the month. Luckily I live in a city with really good reception and normally had 4/5 bar 3G+ ^_^ All-in-One 15 Add-on. This Add-on gives you 300 minutes, 3,000 texts andall-you-can-eat data to use within 30 days.
  7. I see what you did there ;) *ahem* (sugar no?)
  8. Been using this since it came out and while I'm not a fan of all the extra apps, they're easily solved and the rom itself is sweet as :( I've noticed today that my text messages have been taking longer than usual to send (from the status saying "sending" to "sent"). I also sent one about 4 hours ago and it's still stuck on sending. Has anyone else experienced this? I've had good signal and credit etc.
  9. I've downloaded it and installed it. Haven't come across any problems with it at all so far :( I've gone back to my backup rom currently as I miss the wifi tethering and live wallpapers, but I have to say that the performance of this so far is blistering. The touch response seems much faster and I didn't come across many system "hangs" like I normally do. I also felt as though the browser was significantly quicker although maybe it's because I'm tired! Definitely going to watch the development of this rom. I'm not a developer and basically have no idea about half of what you guys go on about (lol) but as a user I'm really excited about this development. I've come from the iphone community and have always felt that Android felt a bit clunky (maybe I'm wrong but it was just from my experience) but with this is felt really smooth. Anyway enough babble, just thought i'd share my impressions. Thanks to all those who are working on this and making it possible...really really superb work ;)
  10. I just want so say a big thanks to everyone involved in this and the whole community! I'm an avid iphone user and just fancied a change when I got my SF and to be honest was a little disappointed when I first got it. However, now everything's hunky dory and I'm loving having a clean "orangeless" install. It just makes the whole phone feel 10 times better imo. Being a noob I had to do a bit of research getting used to all the rooting and stuff but thanks to these forums it only took an hour or so to get my phone sorted :rolleyes: Now just waiting for a stable froyo release then I'll be even more of a happy little bunny. Anyway, thanks again everybody :huh: