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  1. http://support.zte.c...?newsId=1002842
  2. lordofangels

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    Good to see Modoco using the Rafflecopter for comps..much easier. Using a ZTE Blade. I love Pie.
  3. and TomG has just upped his new kernel, so it should be in a newer build once it gets merged.
  4. Koush is working on a fix, for the flipped screen and non touch
  5. Couldn't agree more, HTML5 is the future, but until then...just sayin
  6. someone living quite close to a cell tower will use a lot less power/battery for radio/data than someone living far from one. so if you are comparing battery levels the cell tower distance with 3g must be taken in to consideration. 2g not so bad but 3g is a power monster. and folks are looking forward to LTE?
  7. Binary now safe to update in SU, new version is 3.0.2
  8. Binary in SU now safe to update, new version 3.0.2
  9. just uninstalled su and reflashing the rom, no wipes worked for me this morning
  10. Yeah it was an update from the market that broke the root, I flashed cm and every thing was fine on 3.0.6, it was the 3.1 binaries that was fecked.. I'll give a shot now let you know. updated to 3.0.6 from the market, didn't update the binaries, every thing running fine. Thanks targetbsp