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  1. I think any decent Photographer or someone with lots of keepsake Photos will ALWAYS have a back up on external Drives etc (i do) I use Google+ and happy with the resolution they show, its actually the better of Facebook (who say they have improved) and Flickr See my comparison shot here g+comparison I will have a go at uploading all my photos (probably not this weekend as im out taking more) to G+ A great project and well documented!
  2. Lee Black

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 sold more than 3 million units in just 55 days after launch
  3. i smell shiiiiii...........
  4. Lee Black

    R-Type Announced by DotEmu

    excited much? ... . i LOVE this game, ah...the good old days!
  5. Oooh, JimJam is sharing some Lemonade :mellow: me thirsty :o
  6. Also try "sending" a picture message first, with my provider (Virginmedia) this activated the MMS account, i had the same issue until i sent one, now i can receive and view with no problem :)
  7. Any mirrors for this yet? Downloading it is very sloooooooooooow
  8. Everyone has their own taste of Rom, so if you are asking a generic question "What is the best Rom?" You WILL get hundreds of different answers. Me i prefer Cyanogen Mod, used to have JJ9 download all the Roms and load them up and see fo ryourself :(
  9. I have a similar query: I have friends but with different contact details i.e. Lattitude, Facebook and phone etc, is their an app i can merge them into one contact, rather than manually doing this?
  10. I get : phone reboot during navigation with JJ9 and Cyanmod RC2 (i also go this on FLB too)hmmm....
  11. Lee Black

    Help Restore SD Card

    I have a strange one for you all.... I partitioned 16GB sd card, thinking i would cut it to 4GB and leave 12GB (for music etc) now i only have 10GB to use, seem to have lost 6GB somewhere, not detected on phone or PC... :confused: Any ideas? Running Cyangen CR2
  12. Running RC2 now :(, made the jump to cyanogen from JJ9 and loving it...up to now :( Thanks
  13. Lee Black

    SPB Mobile shell 5

    WOW! works great for me on JJ9 Thanks for thsi post :(
  14. I got myself this one: http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/...tegoryId_165635 I got it from Tesco though for £14.99, ideal for Traffic recorder as many mounts hide the camera It also holds ZTE securely and misses Volume buttons I strongly reccomend it Cradle also tilts for Landscape view etc :(
  15. Lee Black


    Vauxhall Insignia USB port recharges my ZTE :(