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  1. New system update?????

    Just got the update alert, 7.9mb in size, installing now. Moto G 8GB, Tesco, UK
  2. Moto G bug fix update announced

    The Tesco Moto G's were getting the KitKat update pretty early on so no reason to think it'll be much different to this update. Not everyone gets the update at the same time, even with Tesco Moto G's kitkat update.
  3. Moto G bug fix update announced

    No sign yet online but I guess it'll be coming soon
  4. New update announced from Motorola UK 176.44.1 ENHANCEMENTS This Moto G software update is for all users. After installing the software update, you will notice numerous enhancements and changes, including: Fixed temporary cellular network loss Fixed an issue which could lead to temporary loss of cellular network service for a small number of Moto G customers. Fixed wallpaper cropping issue Fixed an issue which could cause the home screen wallpaper on some devices to be cropped after rebooting the phone. Resolved USB OTG support issue Resolved a USB On The Go support issue that prevented Moto G from writing data to a connected USB storage device. Fixed voice call volume issue Fixed an issue where the volume of voice calls heard through the device earpiece could gradually become too low.
  5. Difference between stock rom and Tesco?

    Same here, I can change my tesco Moto G voicemail, although as already said above, it happened automatically with my EE (Tmob) sim The only other thing I can see that's different is the SIM toolkit app, it seems to only cater for Tesco PAYG whereas on other android phones Sim toolkit allowed SIM tinkering of sorts (albeit nothing really useful)
  6. Annoying things on Android 4.4

    I dislike the dialler and contact list, having a people list that looks and behaves nearly the same as the contact list does my head in, I prefer the simplicity of the dialler I had on my Moto Defy Android 2.3.6 and wish I could install that onto my Moto G Most other things about KK I like.
  7. Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    Just got my Tesco Moto G today instore and bought unlock code from SMGreen UK Ebay and got code in minutes and unlocked perfectly.
  8. SOLVED! Well an update to the above in case anyone else finds their Parrot CK3000 evolution bluetooth car kit stops working when they update their Android version - It seems the CK3000 needs a firmware update to improve bluetooth connectivity with new phones / newer operating system. I also found that my new Motorola Defy+ on 2.3.5 Android also failed to connect and pair up. Once I'd found the cheapest place to get an update cable (£20) I then updated the CK3000's firmware from V5.10C to V5.25 and it now pairs up everytime nice and quick. Hopefully this might help someone else.
  9. Hi, Just got around to upgrading my OSF gen1 to Swedish Snow RLS3 (2.3.5) after running Swedish Spring RLS5 (2.2) for a year......bluetooth connectivity to my in car Parrot CK3000 evolution was always a bit tricky and sometimes took some mins to connect but it usually worked ok, but now it won't connect although scans and pairs with the Parrot. Any ideas what to try or is the Parrot too old to cope? I erased all previous Parrot connections, the OSF pairs succesfully but never connects, only sits there and the CK3000 beeps every now and then. Thanks
  10. I bought and used System App remover (£0.64p) and it worked well once the phone was rooted.. I have early model OSF Gen1 However I've recently put new ROM onto phone and it works much better than it ever did even after I'd removed the Orange junk. I had never done this to any phone before and used the website as it had a more 'idiot proof' instructions than I could find on Modaca (sorry Modaco!)
  11. From a cold start I believe that the GPS has to download an ephemeris data which has a limited life of useful data and also the Almanac data, once this data has been received then subsequent continued use should mean better accuracy as more satellites are received and accuracy inreases. Problems such as 'canyoning' where you're in a city centre with tall buildings obstructing views to the skies can reduce accuracy as can trees and other things in the way. Apparently most recent GPS devices have some almanac data in them but guess some further data is required for accurate fixes and variations etc. I find my SF can sometimes get an accurate fix even indoors near a window very quickly and yet other times it takes forever even though it's showing perhaps 7 to 10 reasonable strength satellites in view. Sometimes pressing the top power button to turn off/on and the GPS then kicks into life, or closing/reopening an application can make GPS suddenly work. I've found the same trick of turning off/on makes my bluetooth connect to car parrot hands free kit also! Something about going to standby then back on makes apps and things jump into life on mine! :D
  12. Normal for a drunken person I'd say :D
  13. This thread may help There's a comment about using in the US and Canada, perhaps this will clarify what you've already discovered. I'm not too familiar but as I understand it you're correct.
  14. Yeah I wonder if it's in the hardware but disabled? My UK SanFran says on the back: UMTS 900/2100 MHz GSM 900/1800/1900MHz
  15. I've been over to Tampa with my San Fran and what you said is spot on, I'm a bit of a novice using UK phones in the states and did wonder if the GSM/WCDMA option might allow more scope but I could only get GPRS or EDGE on mine. However, I was expecting limited reception capabilities so no real problem while there. In the UK I use Tesco (O2) carrier and in Tampa I roamed onto T mobile without issue (except having to pay to receive calls which we luckily don't have to pay for over here in the UK!) Fortunately for me, I managed to pickup an unsecured wifi network and could check my emails using that instead of paying the £8 per megabyte that Tesco would charge :D

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