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  1. no need to wipe internal sd. just delete ".android secure" and "android" folder in both sd
  2. tested last night. lockscreen music album art still black like last update
  3. hmm. will try this rom later. using aospa atm
  4. usually you can get the firmware via huawei's website. then you extract it then place the dload folder you extracted to the root of your sdcard. the flashing method is simple, turn off the phone, press and hold both volume buttons then press power. it will load the firmware. if i remember correctly, the process will completely wipe your system, data, cache, and will relock the bootloader. also, the recovery will be stock again.
  5. not gonna hurt if you try. seriously, do the dload method.
  6. @andrea2107 can you list the changes you made in the rom update? just curious. TIA
  7. @SIMONPRO try deleting the contentd of "Android" folder in both internal and external sd. Reboot then see if errors still exist
  8. this issue usually happens when you have the wrong baseband. try flashing the eurobaseband posted somewhere in this development forum. or do full wipe (advanced wipe system, data, cache, dalvik.)
  9. [ROM] Soft ui v2

    use 7zip for windows and keka for mac
  10. it's always best to clean install rather than flashing over the older rom.
  11. use english here man. i dont encounter long wakeups when pressing the powerkey.
  12. i only encounter random reboots when i change my cpu governor and io scheduler. so i leave them as is after flashing the rom. anything else working as it should.