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  1. power button

    its happened to me too. going to try and take it back to CEX for a replacement.
  2. [Q] ICS Time Bug?

    I installed the XOLO ICS update and I have to say it is great - much faster to use and the new keyboard is much more intuitive. I just have one problem. As stock the phone is set to automatically update the date/time but for some reason the phone is showing the wrong time and a date in July. When I set it to manual it works but when I choose automatic again it reverts back to the July date/time. Any ideas?
  3. New Update Tomorrow?

    I emailed XOLO earlier in the week asking about the update and I received the following message on Tuesday: Dear customer, The ICS is expected to be launched by the End of September-2012 on our website www.xolo.in. As tomorrow is the last business day in September, I am guessing the update will come tomorrow. Interesting to note that they said it will be released on their website and not over the air. This is good news for OSD users!
  4. Jelly bean for SD

    Great news, now all we need is for the rom to leak. Preferably before we all get bored of the OSD and move on.
  5. Another San Diego?

    That's what I am hoping for! :)
  6. Another San Diego?

    And another intel based handset: http://www.mobot.net/ifa-2012-zte-launches-intel-medfieldbased-grand-46891
  7. Another San Diego?

    Well if they can build this... Surely they can root a phone.
  8. Another San Diego?

    At least we will have another company to bombard with emails about root :) One of them may eventually crack.
  9. Another San Diego?

    Being released in Russia: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2200513/russias-megafon-launches-usd550-intel-atom-smartphone?WT.rss_f=News&WT.rss_a=Russia%27s+Megafon+launches+%24550+Intel+Atom+smartphone If this has similar architecture (or indeed is the same phone?), this could hold the key to routing it I guess?!
  10. How about you buy one yourself and if you break it we will donate for the information? That seems much fairer.
  11. I'm trying to get this too from my work machine. If I get it first,rickywyatt: what files are you after in the archive or do you want the whole thing?
  12. SIM lock status

    androidnova.org telling porkies then! :(
  13. SIM lock status

    Has anyone tried this yet? By the way, I can confirm that Virgin Mobile sims DO WORK on the OSD as stock. Tested my sim in a friends phone today, was able to make a call and have since ordered a handset! Good offer to be had now on the orange website through quidco: £209.99 for phone including £30 quidco cashback + £20 HMV voucher + £10 phone credit.
  14. dadashi, I'm exactly in the same boat, my OLED screen cracked on Friday night. Colours ran for a day and now its completely dead. The touch worked fine so I know its just the LCD that needs replacing. Does anyone know of any cheap sources to get one or even a number of OLED LCDs (if we jointly bought)?
  15. Just making you guys aware of a topic over at XDADevelopers where a number of people have offered cash to someone who can port Android onto a Dell Venue Pro. Might be a job for one of you wizz kids :) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1085584&page=3