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  1. ghostofcain

    Did you buy a Nook Simple Touch - share your adventures here!

    Bizarre experience with Argos here, tried to purchase one for delivery on saturday night. Showed as not available but allowed me to complete the purchase, although I then got a message saying that they had been unable to check stock so expect an email confirming order (which may take up to a couple of hours) no email received but did receive an email from quidco saying I had failed to complete a purchase at argos. Fast forward to this morning and Yodel have delivered my Nook, very strange behaviour.
  2. ghostofcain

    We have 5 copies of CoPilot to give away!

    Been using Android for the past Four years (a palm defector) HTC Magic, then HTC Desire HD, after the will they wont they ICS debacle Jumped ship to Samsung (with the will they wont they Exynos Sources debacle) Driving from Liverpool to Criccieth via the scenic route, just cleared the highest part of the a470 (just outside Trawsfynydd) when the brakes on my 2cv decided to give out. Pretty hair raising dropping down towards Porthmadog using engine braking and my hand brake to slow the car down on the twisty roads, certainly memorable.
  3. ghostofcain

    Is getting a 53 worth the hassle

    I purchased from ebuyers ebay shop £149.99 on Sunday, delivered a 53 on Tuesday. TBH I have only had issues with ebuyer when you pay the extra for next day delivery and it takes an extra couple of days clearing security checks. BTW Very happy with the Hannspad was worried it might look / feel a little cheap but it's anything but and is working just fine with flashback 7.2 installed
  4. ghostofcain

    Getting Google Music (here's what I did)

    Ok, used a Proxy to obtain my invite tonight, which arrived in less than 2 hours, fantastic. Go to Google music, we currently have no linux client! found a nice script to install Google music manager on ubuntu, result. Only to find it doesn't support ogg! #fail all around as far as I am concerned, but cheers for your help Paul.
  5. ghostofcain

    Clarification required

    1. to achieve S-OFF we must reflash the bootloader, which unlocks the NAND flash. ENG HBOOT is a bootloader that disables the security 2. temp root, gives you root but as no permanent changes are made, the security on the NAND flash prevents changes being written to /system they are just stored in the linux cache, and are lost after a reboot 3. Yes and No, it's merely a GUI front end to Clockwork recovery if you are happy navigating your way around the recovery you can do without it, personally I find it handy for automating processes i.e one click install of rom with wipe of data / cache beforehand and making a Nandroid backup 4. Use nandroid to make a copy
  6. ghostofcain

    Desire HD without sense UI..

    bad decision by Google in my book, but hey i've got another 23 months of my contract to go anyway
  7. ghostofcain

    Desire HD without sense UI..

    because it felt like a cheap plastic toy, not a £400+ flagship phone, plus I like HTC hardware but I replaced Sense with ADW within a couple of hours
  8. Do we have access to a shipping ROM? or can we flash the leaked DHD ROMS
  9. ghostofcain

    DHD Battery Life

    I am getting better life out of my DHD after 5 days than I ever was out of my Magic, certainly I get a full days usage (9 hours+) without a stretch, I do have SetCPU running in on demand mode wether that makes any odds?