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  1. I am running stock ICS, upgraded OTA. You mentioned baseband, is it possible if I downgrade back to stock GB (which presumably would be a different baseband) the official unlock codes might work ?
  2. Hi, Hope some of the clever folks on here can help with this, here is the story - 1. Bought a Huawei G300 from tesco, got a sim unlock code from vodaphone, unlocked phone and worked fine with giffgaff. 2. Few weeks later, phone developed bubble in screen, sent to tesco for repair, they sent it back repaired but said they had to change the main board which meant I now had a new IMEI (so the phone was locked again). 3. Got unlock code from vodaphone for new IMEI but it failed to unlock, then got unlock code off ebay (which was the same code but also had unlock block code as well. 4. Unlock code still didint work and after multiple attempts phone now asks for "sim lock BLOCK" code, i have tried to enter the lock unblock code provided by ebay seller but this is unsuccessfull too. 5. So now, even if I put voda sim back in the phone it still asks for "sim lock BLOCK" code, hence the phone is not usable at all either with voda or giffgaff. Any ideas or suggestion on how I could recover from this state would be appreciated?