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    Alcatel announces the One Touch 983

    any info about rooting & unlock?
  2. pagggy

    Why there's no SD cards in Nexus devices

    not for explaination of sd card . If you are using android you may know where photos are stored.
  3. pagggy

    We have 5 copies of CoPilot to give away!

    i using copilot live free on my htc sensation my memorable road trip is trip to corwall from london in high winds and rain !!
  4. pagggy

    EXCLUSIVE: More details on LG's forthcoming Nexus

    name can be "Optimus Nexus"
  5. pagggy

    Nokia release Lumia 710

    £99 + £10 topup at carphonewarehouse
  6. its not installing filemanger or gapps or wifi. can anyone help?
  7. how to change language?
  8. hi, i have rooted & insalled r3 from post below. http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...boot-root-mcri/ now i want to install r6 or 2.2 froyo? can anyone suggest how can i upgrade ?? Thanks