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  1. I also asked myself what Pie-Control was, so I searched youtube and came up with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F7l4d3bjFM. Pretty seld explanatory and a really cool feature!
  2. cool, I'll follow your updates on this, as I also don't like the CM10 power widget. Good luck!
  3. OSF Charging Orb

    lol nice one :D
  4. Thanks so much! That was one major problem I had with CM10.1 so far and now it's solved! Makes it even more enjoyable :D Thanks!
  5. It's not there... Advanced only opens the ZTE Blade Settings, where you can calibrate the proximity sensor and stuff...
  6. In settings there is no menu called special... Maybe you can help me with a screenshot?
  7. It seems as if one option was lost from CM9 to CM10.1. I can't seem to find something like the "40 second vibration on call" option from the older CMs. It was very useful though, as it allowed me to know when a minute of my airtime was about to finish. My contract features a 60/60 charging, so it's very annoying to end a call say after 2.02 minutes... Any chance to see that option again? Or any other alternatives?
  8. Hey there, awesome rom, but I noticed one little problem. I'm not exactly sure, what makes it occur, but sometimes I get a notification from the calendar app, but it doesn't show the symbol in the status bar. If I pull it down though, I can see that notification. So it's there, but the indication in the status bar is gone. That's really the only flaw I could find :) Thanks for the constant updates!
  9. I'm really impressed with this rom! I've been using it for the last couple of days and updated it yesterday to the newest version. Everything is working fine so far, the only problem I had were a few stucks, often on message retrieval. Just now the phone got a message, I could hear the notification sound, but when i checked, the phone was dead and I had to pull the battery... Thanks for the ongoing development! I'm looking forward to the next builds :)
  10. I'ts already been released in Germany, for €195 though, which is about 160 pounds :( http://www.amazon.de/Huawei-Smartphone-TFT-Display-Touchscreen-Megapixel/dp/B0097LI3NE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1353689442&sr=8-3 For 100 I'd take it, but this price seems a little high...
  11. thanks for the update! Is it possible to update an older version? I was using the 08.08 build, can I just flash the new one as an update or do i have to wipe? greetz
  12. Best ICS rom for daily use?

    I tried KonstaTs CM9 and the CFX Rom by tilal... They are both really the same, except for that KonstaKang is more up to date... I use KonstaKang atm and am quite happy with it. greetz
  13. hey there, I flashed this rom as the first ics rom on my blade and I'm very happy with it. It looks great, is pretty fast and has a ton of cool features. Coming from CM7 though, I really don't like the dialer, as well as the contacts app (the looks as well as the funcionality). So my question is, whether there is any possibility to get the CM7 dialer and contacts app to work on CM9? Sorry if this question has been asked before, but neither a forum search nor a google search returned any good results. greetz