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  1. rferrett added a post in a topic Bargain Watch: Second generation Chromecast and Mad Max now £25.94   

    I have slightly dodgy WiFi due to there being a large number of Virgin Superhubs all competing on the same few bands and I find the new Chromecast to be so much more efficient that the first gen one!
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  2. rferrett added a comment Aukey Bluetooth Earphones review   

    I bought a pair of these on the basis of this review and I have to say I am pretty happy with them.
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  3. rferrett added a post in a topic Xiaomi announce the Snapdragon 808 powered Mi 4c   

    I've just got a Redmi Note 2 Prime which is excellent. Must say I'm something of a convert to Xiaomi now! 
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  4. rferrett added a comment Ask MoDaCo: The Xiaomi Redmi Note 2   

    I'm loving mine, for the money it is exceptional value I'd say.

    Any idea how to get tap to wake on it? I can barely live without that now!
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  5. rferrett added a post in a topic Tesco announces the hudl2   

    So then Hudl 2 vs Smart Tab 4G then huh?
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  6. rferrett added a post in a topic Tesco announces the hudl2   

    That is the other big thing for the Shield IMHO, Nvidia have been pretty excellent about updates so you'd imagine it will stay current for a while......
    Well I guess it will all be about how much my car costs to get through it's MOT! 
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  7. rferrett added a post in a topic Tesco announces the hudl2   

    What is the Atom processor going to be like for gaming?

    In all honesty my main use for tablet is playing games OTG, and I had been seriously considering the Nvidia Shield tab..... But the Hudl, at this price point, looks pretty darned tempting.
    Mind oyu it ends up bewing false economy if it can't actually do what I want it to do huh?
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  8. rferrett added a post in a topic MWC 2014: Samsung Unpacked 5 press event liveblog   

    Anyone else thoroughly underwhelmed by the S5?
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  9. rferrett added a post in a topic The sorry state of retail   

    Seems mental to me. I'm a Three customer, and generally when upgrade itme comes around they are happy to let me have a play. But the general experience is much how you described.
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  10. rferrett added a post in a topic Tesco unveil the £119 Hudl - a low cost, Archos built tablet   

    For a moment reading the comments thread I got excited that I could have Whatsapp on my wifi tablet. Boo.
    Mind you I have to say I am quite tempted by the Hudl just for a play.
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  11. rferrett added a post in a topic Which Chinese tablet? Quad-core, HD/retina, 2GB RAM, BT   

    I have a Pipo M6 Max.

    I have to say I am really impressed with it. I think it is fantastic bit of kit for the price.

    It can have a have lag issues (which I assume are due to IO issues on it's internal memory) when updating apps. But other than that it runs like a dream. As a content consumption device it is great. Comics, news, films, youtube etc all look great. And the battery is darned impressive.
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  12. rferrett added a post in a topic WhatsApp goes Holo   

    Love it. Whatsapp is brilliant. Wish though, that they would implement a functionality so I could use it on wifi tablet. Or heckfire even a PC client (yeah I know Bluestacks but that is a load of ballache)
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  13. rferrett added a post in a topic Twitter finally cancels TweetDeck for Android (and, by association, TweakDeck)   

    I can't imagine it will be long before twitter comes for existing clients.
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  14. rferrett added a post in a topic Best cheap Android 7" Tablet?   

    You seen this one from Ainol?

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  15. rferrett added a post in a topic BARGAIN WATCH: Sony Xperia P @ £149.99   

    Jesus that is not bad at all frankly
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