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  1. Anyone who's suffering slow performance issues with current or last few versions - try removing Lucky Patcher if you have it installed, as it seems to have some issues with SU access and continually runs in the background from boot slowing the phone to a crawl. I had exactly the same slowness issues described by others here until I removed it. With it installed but not even explicitly running, the phone was typically unable to speak a TTS sentence, or play music without stuttering continously.
  2. IGNORE THIS: Yes, I really did waste 2 hours trying to get it to work before remembering to calibrate the proximity sensor! Hi, Having proximity sensor issues on an OMC with a TSL2771 Proximity sensor in it. Instead of the classic symptoms of the screen failing to come back on when a call finishes, this time CM7 is acting as though there is no proximity sensor at all. Ie. when you put the phone up to your face on a call, then the screen stays on. With the same phone on AtomicMod and similar roms then the fix here http://www.modaco.co...ssue-on-atomic/ works fine by changing the /data/misc/prox file to different calibration values. However on this rom, that prox calibration file is missing, and creating it with the atomicmod compatible values doesn't have any effect. Does anyone know how to get a working proximity sensor on phones with the TAOS TSL2771 please?
  3. Hi, Having proximity sensor issues on an OMC with a TSL2771 Proximity sensor in it. On AtomicMod and similar roms then the fix here works fine by changing the /data/misc/prox file to different calibration values. However on this rom, that prox calibration file is missing, and creating it with the atomicmod compatible values doesn't have any effect. Does anyone know how to get a working proximity sensor on phones with the TAOS TSL2771 please?
  4. John W

    Any worked call recording app?

    I think if you're using a CM7 based ROM you would have to patch and recompile the kernel for two way call recording support as they don't include it as a policy decision. If you're using any ROM derived from ZTE releases such as Atomic, Logic etc then two way call recording works fine using either the on demand button in the in-call app or using Total Recall for fully automatic recording. In other words unless you really want CM7 just install a ZTE derived ROM and it will work fine.
  5. Re: mount script errors There has just been an update to Link2SD released to the market which apparently fixes certain mount script errors - I'm NOT sure if these are related to the issues being reported here, but it may be worth installing the latest version from the Market to see if it fixes anyone's issues.
  6. John W

    Archos 35 smart home phone goes on sale

    If it's DECT then it's a protected (as in nothing else gets to use it) 1.9Ghz block of channels.
  7. Signal boost is Orange's brand name for a technical standard called UMA and now GAN http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unlicensed_Mobile_Access Orange is the only UK network to support it at the moment, so you can't use it with Three. I seem to remember someone managing to extract it from the stock rom and using it in a custom rom, and it involved taking the libs/kernel drivers with it.
  8. John W

    Best price OMC??

    Use PlayerPro or other music player with it's own EQ, that way you can drop the volume in the player rather than through the phone's master volume.
  9. John W

    Best price OMC??

    There are three ways I know of to get it cheaper than the usual £119 from Orange: 1) Buy it online from Orange but go through a cashback website like Quidco or Topcashback, they're paying £12 bringing it down to £108 2) Buy it instore from Orange but getting someone who works in the NHS or a local council employee to go with you (taking their payslip) and they'll give you £20 off it, bringing it down to £99 3) Get an Orange PAYG simcard, activate it and wait a few days, then phone up Orange telesales and they'll often give you a £30 "loyalty discount" for being an "existing" orange customer, bringing it down to £89. Sometimes you have to try several different customer service reps before they'll give you the discount, as I think technically you're supposed to have had the SIM card active for a few months before you get the loyalty discount - though in my experience they've given it to me the same day I activated the SIM card. If you've already got an active Orange PAYG card you're laughing and should get this no problem. Best deal I saw (and bought three of them) was £75 + £10 topup from Orange, which was £119 - £20 cashback from Quidco, and another £25 cashback from Orange on one of their prepaid cash cards. You might well be able to Ebay the topup's but I haven't tried that yet. DON'T BE MISLAID BY THE "£60" HEADPHONES, THEY SOUND GOD AWFUL, AND ACTUALLY LOOK WORSE IF THAT'S POSSIBLE. IF ANYTHING, THEY'RE WORTH ABOUT £4.99 GENUINELY, THOUGH YOU'D HONESTLY STRUGGLE TO SELL THEM FOR THAT ON EBAY. MUCH THE SAME AS THE £50 WATCH THEY GAVE AWAY LAST YEAR THAT LOOKED LIKE IT'D COME OUT OF A CHRISTMAS CRACKER ;)
  10. If you want to redirect the cache to the internal data then your script may be useful, but to me it doesn't make sense since mostly what we're trying to do with all these partition mods is free up more of the internal /DATA, so redirecting /cache to /data means you now have to keep at least another 40 odd mb free so that you can download from the market. Seems a much better idea to me to redirect it to the SD card which usually has the most space free. Similarly the CM7 style redirect to RAM disk doesn't seem to make much sense either as you're permanently losing 40odd Mb of RAM for something infrequently used which isn't performance critical. Your script probably isn't working because either you haven't SU'd or because you haven't deleted the existing /CACHE directory - which I had to do before mine started working right. It now works seamlessly.
  11. From my checking it does not, replace the contents of the text file /ETC/INIT.QCOM.POST_BOOT.SH with this text to get it to redirect to the SD card without wasting RAM disk space: echo "ondemand" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor echo 90 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ondemand/up_threshold echo 30 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ondemand/down_differential echo 500000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ondemand/sampling_rate echo 245760 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq #### START - Redirect cache partition to /SDcard #### su mount -o remount,rw -t rootfs rootfs / mkdir /sdcard/cache chown system.cache /sdcard/cache chmod 770 /sdcard/cache mkdir /sdcard/cache/recovery chown system.cache /sdcard/cache/recovery chmod 770 /sdcard/cache/recovery mkdir /sdcard/cache/lost+found chown root.root /sdcard/cache/lost+found chmod 770 /sdcard/cache/lost+found umount /cache rm -R /cache ln -s /sdcard/cache /cache mount -o remount,ro -t rootfs rootfs / #### END - Redirect cache partition to /SDcard ####
  12. With a bit of judicious pruning, it's a really good fit with the CM7 style TPT's with 136Mb System, 2mb Cache, 300Mb Data. I've stripped out the keyboard (as I use Swype), and then moved maps, email and the other commonly updated GAPPS into /data/app so they're not wasted space as soon as they're updated. Added a new boot animation, a few system needing root apps (such as Toggle2G) and a decent set of notification tones and it fits into 135Mb. Last thing it needed was redirecting /cache to SD for market downloads to work, as it always seemed really wasteful to me to permanently lose 40 odd Mb ram to a ramdisk that's hardly ever used as CM7 does. I hate to ask but is it possible you could do a mod that get's rid of the Status bar toggles - I find them really annoying as I keep disabling mobile data etc by mistake? Thanks.
  13. Toggling 2G/3G is a protected setting now, meaning that you need to have a application running with root FROM THE SYSTEM PARTITION in order to be able to change it. Most apps that offer you the setting will actually pop open the settings screen for you to change it manually. You probably want to look at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=739530 or EasyProfiles can also do it.
  14. I'm almost certain it's not LCD ghosting, it's something to do with the font rendering, you can see the effect if you scroll really slowly - it's looks like it's to do with the text not being overwritten correctly when it moves, so you can see the top or bottom lines from the previous text position.
  15. Am I the only one that's noticed scrolling text is corrupted within Menus on (at least) Blue Monte, and Atomic Blue 1.5 & 1.6? To see it in action, open for example Settings->Location & Security Settings, and then scroll the menu up and down using your finger. You'll see that as soon as you start to drag the menu the text on the menu headings and descriptions corrupts and is not drawn clearly. When you release scrolling then it's fine again. This makes it very difficult to read a menu when you're navigating through it by scrolling at all. None of the Blade/OSF roms did this, so it must be something that's changed on the OMC builds. I've not yet tried CM7, can anyone with installed test it for me? Anyone got any suggestions or fixes, it's the sort of thing that really pisses you off once you notice it? Thanks,