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  1. My Smart Ultra 6 developed the fake touch on the digitiser so I bought a V8 from ASDA for £150 no mandatory plugin. Feels faster than the SU6 but not much in it. 7.1.1 Vs 6.x the hard thing to live with is the power button on the other side
  2. mrflibbles

    Vodafone Smart V8 (VDF 710) - Root / Custom ROMs

    How does it compare to the Smart Ultra 6? Some early reviews have it down as much slower than the Ultra 6 but that only got a Antutu benchmark score : 24990
  3. mrflibbles

    Vodafone Smart 8 series pictures and information

    £160 I guess I'll be sticking with my broken SU6 a bit longer
  4. The Smart V8 has the same resolution as Smart Ultra 6 and Smart Ultra 7. Full HD 1920x1080.
  5. mrflibbles

    Vodafone Smart 8 series pictures and information

    Hurry up V8. My SU6 has developed an intermittent digitser fault.
  6. mrflibbles

    AUX BUG - any fix?

    That's not how i read it. They are testing for the fault
  7. mrflibbles

    Android Marshmallow coming to Ultra 6

    Does the WiFi hotspot issue go away if you enable WiFi during sleep? Settings->WiFi->More options (three dots top right)->Advanced->Keep WiFi on during sleep
  8. mrflibbles

    Software update

    I wonder which security patch it is. The Patch level now reads 1st May 2016 but what was it before?
  9. mrflibbles

    Best camera settings/app

    It's not an official app. I *believe* the "Snapdragon Camera" app was found pre-installed on a Qualcomm based phone, someone ripped it from the handset with the required HW drivers and users have been uploading it to lots of Qualcomm based handsets. Because it requires a new OS hardware driver to be installed you can't just download an APK install it and go. It needs to be flashed via Recovery. You can Google for "Snapdragon Camera V2.1" and find a ZIP which can be flashed via TWRP. But the SU6 doesn't come with TWRP installed. You'll have to do that first. Take care where you get your files from. You don't want to install something containing a trojan etc.
  10. I'm sure everyone has already noticed but back end of last week they updated both Facebook and Messenger and they work with our phone again.
  11. My phone locked up last week when I wasn't using it. It would still turn the screen on but you couldn't use the touch screen and it didn't ring if there was a phonecall. I missed several important calls. I had to hold down reset continuously to get the device to reboot and go through every app to find the culprit. Both facebook and messenger have been marked as incompatible with the Smart Ultra 6 in GooglePlay. I'm just going to live without the two until it's fixed. If that is never then bah!
  12. mrflibbles

    Mobile signal up and down

    This started to happen to me since the last update. The mobile signal will sometimes drop to zero for a few moments and then come back. Other times it will stay at zero, you reboot the phone and get full signal !?
  13. I think you'll need to use a different file :
  14. Can you wipe the cache and attempt a reboot?
  15. mrflibbles

    New OTA update

    Yes 5.1.1 bugfix. VDF-995NB01-UK07b