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  1. Dust behind the screen

    The amount of dust behind my screen has increased and spread across most of the screen. It ruins the look of the screen. I've contacted the shop for a return but they currently don't have stock. Maybe tomorrow. I've changed the rom using clockwork to Froyo, obviously I'll swap it back to the stock rom but do you think I need to remove clockwork and if so how?
  2. Today I noticed I have quite a bit of dust behind the screen in the bottom right hand corner. Does anybody else have this problem? It is a major bugbear of mine and I'm concerned that it may damage the touch senitive bit. Is it easy to remove the glass to clean away the dust or is it a matter of returning the phone? This is my second phone the first one had a faulty power switch after 2 weeks, this replacement is also 2 weeks old.
  3. The headphones I refer to are the ones you have linked to above. I'll have to check on some of your questions. My headphones are in the car at the moment so I'll reply to this later. Cheers
  4. No sound from earpiece

    I had this too. I plugged and unplugged the earphones several times and twisted them about. Finally I got sound out of the earphones and not the speaker and it has been fine since.
  5. I have found that the hands free headphones from my Nokia 5530 also work with the SF. The mic and earphones work great. Also the little control button on the mic clip will also start and stop the default SF music player.
  6. I returned mine yesterday after having it for 2 weeks. It wouldn't boot 9 times out of 10 had the high cpu usage problem and the power button had stopped working properly. They guy behind me in the shop (only 2 customers) was experiencing similar problems and was swapping his also.
  7. Stock Blade Freezing on boot

    I returned my phone this morning and got a replacement. The power button works much better and not had any issues booting up yet. I was the first person in the shop, interestingly the second person to enter the shop was an old guy who was also experiencing exactly the same problem. The sale guy tried to fob him off telling him that his phone was slow cos it was probably running too many apps and that these phones need to have apps terminated to stop this. That was until I put him right about the high cpu usage problem.
  8. Stock Blade Freezing on boot

    Thanks for the advice. I have tried without the SD card, with the SD card and with a different SD card. It hasd now been factory reset and still has the same problem. The problem is intermitent, but it has just taken 15 minutes and numerous battery removals to get it to start. Combined with the dodgy power button it has developed, I clearly have a piece of junk and it is going back to the shop tomorrow. It's 2 weeks old. Better luck next time
  9. Stock Blade Freezing on boot

    so nobodyelse had this?
  10. Hi, I have a stock Zte Blade which I have unlocked from Orange but not changed roms or anything. If I power down the phone, most times it will refuse to boot and will get stuck at the Android sign and will not progress futher. I have to remove the battery and leave it for a while to get it to load. Then upon loading I will have the high CPU usage problem and have to open camera and settings to sort that. My question is, is this normal for a stock rom or do I have duff hardware? Secondly, will changing the rom sort this out? I have jailbroken my iphone but this is my first android phone so have no experience with any of the rom stuff so haven't done anything yet until I get my head around it. Many thanks for any help or advice!

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