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  1. warwound added a post in a topic Hudl2 with 3G Dongle   

    Have you looked at a mifi device?
    An EE Osprey on PAYG with 6GB of data included is currently £50 at Carphone Warehouse:
    That 6GB of date is valid for 3 months.
    You can get an EE data ony SIM with 6GB of data valid for 3 months from Ebay for around £18.
    It's seems to be cheaper to get a replacement SIM every 3 months rather than topping up an existing SIM.
    The Osprey will work with your Hudl2 and any other wifi devices you have.
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  2. warwound added a post in a topic Case discolored - overheating?   

    Bad news

    So i've had my replacement Hudl2 for a couple of weeks and within a few days it started showing the same discoloured lines on the case.

    Good news

    Then a couple of days back i put it back in the old sleeve i've been keeping it in.
    This is an el cheapo sleeve i got from ebay a couple of years back for a different (7") tablet.
    The sleeve does the job - it keeps the dust off.

    What did i notice? - The sleeve has a black bead around the edge and the position of the black bead matches up with the position of the discoloured marks on the case!
    I normally put my Hudl2 in the sleeve upright - the black bead lines up with the darkest discoloured mark.
    When charging i put my Hudl2 in the sleeve upside down - the black bead lines up with the lighter discoloured mark.

    So mystery solved - the discolouration wasn't being caused by overheating, it was just the black dye in the cheapo sleeve that i store my Hudl2 in.

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  3. warwound added a post in a topic Case discolored - overheating?   

    Yes that plate would be aligned directly within the area of the patches on my case.
    Assuming that plate is a heatsink then these dark blue patches on my case have, i think, been caused by excess heat.
    I visited Tesco this afternoon with my Hudl2 and they got me to chat with a chap on their phone for a while (Hudl support line?).
    He gave me a replacement authorisation code and the lady at Tesco gave me a new Hudl2.
    I went for blue again btw.
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  4. warwound added a topic in Tesco Hudl 2   

    Case discolored - overheating?
    I've had my Hudl2 for 2 months and have been happy with it so far.
    However in the past couple of weeks it's case has developed a couple of discolored patches.
    I've uploaded some pics that show the discolored patches.
    My Hudl2 is the blue model - what you see in the pics is the standard blue case.
    From the power button down to the HDMI port is a very noticeable dark blue patch.
    There's also a patch on the upper case in front of the power switch.
    The discolorisation looks like biro ink, in fact when it first appeared i thought i'd had some ink on my fingers and it'd wiped onto the Hudl2.
    I'm sure this is a sign of overheating and am wondering whether to return it to Tesco or give it another few weeks and see if the patches get any worse.
    What does everyone think?

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  5. warwound added a post in a topic Mouse disappears when connected   

    All fixed...

    I uninstalled Kies and the Samsung drivers, rebooted and reinstalled Kies.
    Let Kies update itself and now it works with no problems.

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  6. warwound added a topic in Samsung Galaxy S III (Galaxy S 3) - S3.MoDaCo.com   

    Mouse disappears when connected

    I recently got myself an S3 and have a problem - when i connect it to my computer, the mouse disappears and doesn't return until i reboot with the S3 disconnected.

    The mouse disappeared when i connected my S3 to my computer for the first time, and a few times after that.
    I installed Kies and now everything was ok - i connect my S3 and the mouse does not disappear.
    Then i wanted to root my S3 so following a tutorial i uninstalled Kies and used Odin to root my S3.
    At this point there was no problem with the mouse.
    Next i reinstalled Kies and still everything works ok.

    But at some point in the last week something has changed - if i connect my S3 via USB i see the mouse on my monitor disappear as soon as i connect it.
    Diconnecting my S3 doesn't bring the mouse back - only a reboot with the S3 disconnected brings my mouse back.
    I'm running Windows 8 64 bit, Kies and Samsung drivers are all up to date.

    Also before the mouse started disappearing i had the adb drivers working - my S3 showing up in Device Manager and my Android SDK could connect to the S3 logcat.
    Since the mouse started disappearing the S3 no longer shows in Device Manager and my Android SDK does not detect it.

    Has anyone got any idea what the problem is?

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  7. warwound added a post in a topic usb drivers help   

    Does your G300 report USB debugging connected BUT adb on your computer report "Unable to open log device '/dev/log/main'"?

    If so a possible fix is to change the permissions on the folder system / bin / logcat, enable all permissions using a file explorer and reboot.
    Look here for more info: http://www.modaco.co...80#entry1988601

    Otherwise i'm not sure what to suggest.

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  8. warwound added a post in a topic Crearing some system ROM space   

    If you use Titanium you'll probably be able to find a load of foreign langugage packs that are installed in the System/apps folder.

    Removing those will free a few MBs.

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  9. warwound added a post in a topic [Stock Rom] Stock B934 Flashable zip   

    Thanks for this.

    I've just upgraded and was pleased to see that all my installed apps and settings were retained!

    Then i used unlockbootloader.exe and it's Root option and that's got Superuser working again.

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  10. warwound added a post in a topic Available Ram   

    I'm pretty sure that the Android Maps app auto starts when your mobile boots so it's quicker to display if/when required.

    You can install ES Task Manager and select it's Startup Manager to see what apps auto start at boot on your device - and can disable any you don't want to auto start.

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  11. warwound added a post in a topic External usb / usb host   

    That is a 'proper' USB OTG cable/adapter you're using is it?
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  12. warwound added a post in a topic External usb / usb host   

    Has anyone tested the new ICS ROM for USB Host support?
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  13. warwound added a post in a topic Manufacture Mode   

    Be careful what you do in that service menu - see my post here: http://www.modaco.co...20#entry1963556

    My meddling in the service menu cost me a couple of days having to re-install Windows.
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  14. warwound added a post in a topic External usb / usb host   

    USB Host Mode is officially only supported on Honeycomb and later versions of Android.

    Whether the promised ICS update will include USB Host Mode must depend entirely on whether the G300 has the necessary hardware i think.
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  15. warwound added a post in a topic usb drivers help   

    Yeah it's working - USB debugging on my G300 at last.

    I entered the service menu by dialing *#*#2846579#*#*.

    Selected 'ProjectMenu' then 'Background setting' then 'Usb ports setting'.

    Google mode was already selected - the radio box next to it was enabled.
    Anyway i clicked it again and a message box prompted me to reboot to apply the change.

    A reboot later and it's all working.

    The original problem must have been because i tinkered in the service menu not knowing what i was doing when i first got my G300.
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