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  1. Hi, this might be an absurd question, but what are my chances of building a Linux-based web server on top of my old phone (a Huawei Pulse)? The phone has a processor and 32 GB of storage, networking is done by WiFi and even a UPS is presented (as the old battery, with a fantastic one or half a day uptime). It's much better (as a low/no-cost alternative) as Google App Engine (with its limitations growing on a monthly basis), say. I'd need a Python and database engine, and some external connection (FTP, SSH), nothing more. As I googled around, I saw some Android apps (I actually don't need a running Android, need no use the telephone functionality). What are my chances?
  2. Hi, after a week the ROM is very stable, except for the motion detection, that freezes quite frequently, usually within a day. Is this my fault or remained a problem?
  3. Woo, full success. Earlier I used an older install tutorial, that started installing a Custom ROM with getting root privileges by installing the superboot 1.5, then set up the AmonRA, and from that the ROM Zips. I changed AmonRA to ClockworkMod, but the superboot remained, this could cause the problems. Now the apps install, and, for over half a year, a2sd works also.Thanks for Your help (though I think I'll have some more questions :)
  4. And again, the a2sd doesn't work
  5. Again :( I've put up the official UK 2.1 as mentioned in the ultimate Pulse owner's guide, booted up, restarted into bootloader, then a superboot and a ClockworkMod were installed, then recovery, anndt the CM6.1 and the other stuff were installed. After first boot, I switched off data, Enabled Wifi, signed into my Google acc, market, install, and installing the first app crashed the phone.
  6. Btw i started (origianally) with the Hungarian ROM, but that should be smaller sized. Then I set up a CM 6.1, that I've been using for half a year or so, and from this I rebooted into recovery, and started installing. But I'll give a try with the UK rom, finding how to install a factory rom. I tried it also without DT a2sd, and didn't work.
  7. The same, i did literally the postinstall thing to get the same result, rebooting at the first app istall. :( Not surprisingly, except for the a2sd cachesd command, it's been giving me "[X] EXT partition not mounted." (When in recovery, the wipe cache also needs to mount EXT, it does it succesfullly, always). I can see ext partition on the ard under linux.
  8. I'll give it a try later, but there's something else: with this phone, I've never managed to activate the a2sd on any (tried with 3) SD-cards. The partitioning is OK, a Linux sees the ext2 system, but a2sd says it cannot mount the ext2 partition. Always, with any roms and cards. Btw the phone uses the cards properly, I've moved app to the cards, installed roms prom cads, etc. Thx
  9. With this ROM, after installing the first app, the phone frozen and rebooted. I suspected that the partitioning was the reasno, repartitioned the card, it did it again, then put up an installation without DarkTremor, but again, indtalling the first app made the phone to freeze and reboot. Any idea how to avoid it? Thx
  10. For me, this ROM crashes and reboots right at the installing of the first app.
  11. Hi, the question is simple, which do You suggest me to install for an everyday use? I had a factory 2.1 ROM, which had just a few space for apps, so I installed CM, now I use a 6.1 RC2. But camera crashes, that I need, and motion detection also, and some desired apps (Tweetdeck, My Tracks) don't install (they aren't shown in the Market, and I couldn't set them up from APK, also).
  12. KGyST

    Missing apps in Market

    Nothing helped, I did a wipe/factory reset, didn't do, then a complete reinstall of the CM6.1, the problem stayed. Trying the CM7, it allowed to install the programs in question, but CM7 is yet slow and unstable for me, so I have to miss these programs.
  13. KGyST

    [ROM] CyanogenMod 7

    After installing the ROM, the boot usually stops at the "ANDROID" logo. Only at 1 out of 10, it works, what did I do wrong?
  14. KGyST

    Missing apps in Market

    Hi, Probably after installing a new CM 6.1.0RC2 ROM (but it wasn't surely the reason), I decided to install Tweetdeck, and saw that it was missing from my Market search results. The My Tracks and C:Geo were also missing. From their homepage, I downloaded the .apk of the C:Geo, started the install, but the installer reported it wasn't successful. Any idea? Thanks
  15. KGyST

    Physical parameters of Pulse camera

    Eh. And what about Field of View and lens params?