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  1. Blundell

    Looking for Hudl root Beta testers

    Have to check what build number I've got tomorrow but sure, what's the next step?
  2. Blundell

    Paul's Archos 80 G9 review

    Good question. If they do do a second run. What will happen to the first run, will they be sold even cheaper? :-D
  3. Blundell

    UK Android Event

    Should of had the answer, "already attended one" :-)
  4. Finally!! I used these Drivers for my Windows 7 & Orange SanFrancisco White to get it to be able to use ADB!!
  5. it means the software exe your trying to run is not in the directory you are calling it from.
  6. Ha I hadn't I literally stopped scrolling at the advert of post 1. Seen it now CHEERS!
  7. Whats been added in the R3 release? There aren't any update notes on the original thread
  8. I appreciate you saying you can remove these safely to make a LITE version, but some of these come stock with the normal 2.2 rom right? See my comments above
  9. Great Review, yes I'm waiting on the white one as well!
  10. All for my collection :-) but the pc loading screen one is what I'd use
  11. Nice! Is there any chance of getting these in bootloader.zip format so I can use with the ZTE 2.2 rom? or does it not work like that?