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  1. Unfortunately I can not speak English very well, so I am using a translator.   I'll try to help :excl: So I created a unique partition. 1. Download this (this is a image.bin unpacked version): http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/41652192/TPT%20Helper/Blade/Gen%201%20to%20Gen%202/Gen1-to-Gen2-TPT-v10f.zip   Then download this (this can create custom partition): http://download821.mediafire.com/n1mrj25bjltg/ma18idbscsmojqn/ZTE+Blade+Partition+Layout+Tool.exe Then download it (it can combine files image.bin files): http://www.modaco.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=72484 Clockwork Recovery http://freecache34-free.uloz.to/Ps;Hs;fid=29458032;cid=713559255;rid=1945253162;up=0;uip=;tm=1380461039;ut=f;aff=ulozto.net;did=ulozto-net;He;ch=603edc95bffb2f4f3063ea40e46efae2;Pe/29458032/recovery-clockwork-6-0-2-7-blade-sideload.zip?bD&c=713559255&De&redirs=1   2. Unpack it somewhere in the Gen1-to-Gen2-TPT-v10f.zip file and remove the cache.img, cefs.mbn, nandroid.md5, userdata.img files. 3. Create individual partitions in the Partition Layout Tool, ZTE Blade. 4. Write the 2 files created two files in the folder in addition to the 2-in. (appsboot.mbn, partition_zte.mbn) 5. TPTGeneratorWPF merge program folder in the 2-point image.bin file. 6. Take the SD card using the "Image" folder and copy it to the Prepared image.bin file. 7. Turn your phone the power button + Volume Up button pressed retention. 8. Our new partition :excl: 9. Upgrade RCW. Turn your phone the power button + Volume Down button pressed maintenance and intall recovery-clockwork- 10. Then go to WIPE .... and install ROM and GAPPS.
  2. Unfortunately I can not speak English very well, so I am using a translator. Thanks for your help, this program could produce a custom-TPT :excl: :) Although it was not as easy as it was just two of the program file and the tar file is overwritten by another wrapped with TPT and TPTGeneratorWPF image.bin program created the file. Then you could install the ROM and GAPPS (160MB System not installed the GAPPS) without a problem, but unfortunately it may just be me, but I was really, really slow your system unusable slow. :unsure: :( Maybe it's just me that's just my my phone can not be properly used or others can be very slow? Although we have the 4.2.2 ROMs have been slow, but not so much as this one. That's why I put it back in the CyanogenMod 7 Nightly 3/1/2013 last issue. :mellow:
  3. Sorry, I can not get something good in English :excl: I put this rom. for some reason there is no Google Play, while also putting gapps. I think it is not because only 160MB system partition is, and perhaps that is why the 180MB system partition. Unfortunately only the TPT helper 1.8.3 at I knew from somewhere, and it is not working properly. :( There is internet access, select "Create your own TPT" and then the "CyanogenMod" and only 4 choose and whichever you want to download, because the "Download failed. Failed to download xy.zip"   Make me a 180MB System 2 MB Chache TPT - image.bin file? Please :excl:
  4. Please create TPT: Gen2 180MB System 2MB Chache 274MB Data- image.bin file :excl: Please link :excl: This link ( http://amphoras.co.uk/index.php/downloads/blade-tpts#v10f ) not IMAGE.BIN file, I'm sorry, I not create image.bin file :excl:  :( Please help :excl: :blush:
  5. Nagyszerű, hogy ránk, magyarokra is gondoltak! B) Sajnos nekem még nincs ZTE Blade telefonom, de remélem jövő hónap elején én is meg fogom tudni venni! Ez már a módosított, javított főzött ROM, ez már rendesen működik? Elnézést a buta kérdésért, de még sosem volt Android telefonom! Amúgy az miért jó, hogy módosított ROM használunk? Az eredeti rendszerre is fel lehet telepíteni a warez oldalakról szervált programokat, játékokat( amik egyébként fizetősek lennének) , vagy nem?

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