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  1. I am running Infusion B05 and the ear speaker has stopped working on my G300. Calls work fine via external speaker. I have updated to B07 and the problem remains so it must be hardware. Is this a common fault on this handset (no water damage btw). I bought it second had through ebay and am in the UK - do Huawei repair if you don't have the original receipt? If they do what is the best way to revert the phone back to a stock rom without clockwork? If they don't does anyone know how easy a repair this is? I can't see anywhere that sells replacement ear speakers assuming its definately that. Thanks in advance.
  2. When it happens have you tried twisting the case slightly to see if starts working? My old Orange San Francisco had this problem where intermittently the touch screen wouldn't respond (I'd tried different ROMS and the issue kept coming back) but twisting the case got it working again everytime. I'd tried loosening the screws and retighting to rule out ribbon cable flex but in the end it drove me so mad I rang Orange and got them to replace it. If it was an early model I read it was down to solder problems where the ribbon connector was attached to the board and it caused the connector to move slightly and stop the touch screen working as a result.
  3. I had an OLED that I knew was definately OLED as I'd bought it a week after Orange started selling the handset. The touchscreen went faulty and a couple of weeks ago Orange sent me a replacement. I've run *983*0# from the dialer (I'm using SS R5) and I only get options to test LCD functionality so I'm pretty sure I've got an LCD now but I honestly can't tell the difference between it and my old OLED handset so I've either got an OLED and the *983*0# isn't telling me I have or it's an LCD and the difference between an OLED and LCD screens is tiny cos I can't see the difference. I'm just happy I have a phone with a working touchscreen now :unsure:
  4. hotwire74

    reverting to stock rom HELP!

    I returned my SF handset on Friday due to touch screen issues and I'm on PAYG. I rang Orange on thursday and they arranged the courier to come out on friday. The courier just came to my door and swapped the handset over on the door step so I wouldn't even worry about switching back to stock firmware.
  5. I'm currently toying with sending my B05 OLED (purchased around Oct 2010) back to Orange for a replacement as I have intermittent issues with the touchscreen failing to respond. I've tried a variety of ROM's (both 2.1 and 2.2) and they all give the same issue. The touchscreen will work without issue and all of a sudden will stop registering but if I twist the case slightly will start working again. I know there is a small ribbon that attaches it to the mainboard so it suggests to me that the ribbon might be moving around. What I can't decide what to do is whether I should open it and try and reseat the ribbon (or even just try loosening the screws and retighting) or just send it back to Orange and run the risk of getting a TFT model back. Has anyone had similar problems with the initial batches of B05 OLED models (my power switch is black if that's relevant)? When Orange replace them do they just ship you a replacement and swap it on the doorstep or do you have to send your phone in and await a replacement (at which point they will check whether its been opened)? Thanks for any feedback...
  6. Thanks very much - that's the information I was missing. I couldn't work out how I'd also get rid of ClockWork Recovery.
  7. My B05 San Francisco needs to be returned to Orange as it is faulty. Can anyone confirm (or direct me to a thread) how I can revert to a stock Orange ROM and remove ClockWork Recovery? I've searched but can't find a way to do both. Thanks in advance.
  8. When you wiped and reinstalled are you meaning that you did this with r9 and the contacts problem went away? I'd already tried this a couple of time but still my contacts only show a $ and S where the A-Z functionality should be. > Same here as mitrepooc and hotwire74 with the faulty contact list , and also noticed on standard text messaging when you press to show contacts it does nothing so you have to manually type name in to > search for address , got round it by installing alternate sms app off market but would have liked stock one to work. I also have this same problem. Apart from the two problems above this is a really great ROM - I find it quicker than any 2.2 ROM.
  9. I also have this exact problem. Would appreciate it if there was a workaround.
  10. hotwire74

    TFT touchscreen stopped working

    I have a OLED that I bought in November that intermittently has touch screen problems - it either doesn't respond or the touch logs a different part of the screen. Have tried the JJ ROM's and gone back to 2.1 - the phone still has problems with both, but it is slightly better with 2.1. Am toying with sending it back to Orange, but want to rule out a firmware issue for sure.
  11. Just upgraded to Japanese_Jellyfish_RLS9.zip (for normal Clockwork install) and when I select Messages I'm no longer able to select contacts to send the SMS to - this worked in RLS8. I've also tried running Japanese_Jellyfish_RLS9_group_contacts.zip and clearing my contacts but I see the same problem. Is this by design in this release?