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  1. PadFone INFINITY Unlocked

    ASUS just released the Unlock APK.for the INFINITY. http://www.asus.com/Tablets_Mobile/PadFone_Infinity/#support_Download_32
  2. PadFone Infinity

    Glad to be of help.Enjoy
  3. A new padfone battery widget

    Thank you.
  4. PadFone Infinity

    Hello everyone We have root now for the INFINITY thanks to alephzain at XDA. [ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click apk to root some devices
  5. PadFone Infinity

    Any hint about the boot loader apk?
  6. PadFone Infinity

    Are you an ASUS rep?
  7. PadFone Infinity

    Maybe it;s pre 4.2...,i got it this afternoon.
  8. PadFone Infinity

    I got it on the 7th in the afternoon,maybe it's pre 4.2...
  9. PadFone Infinity

    Got an answer from ASUS,they are still working on the new rom 4.2...
  10. PadFone Infinity

    About 30 minutes a go i did send them the same question and when will the 4.2... will come out.I'll see what will be their answer. Thank you for jumping in,it is a beautiful FONE.
  11. PadFone Infinity

    Hi Paul will you please look at the infinity and see if you can give us a hand rooting it. thank you
  12. PadFone Infinity

    Thank you for jumping in,we need more people to participate and get it going.
  13. PadFone Infinity

    145 people peeked and no answer?
  14. Asus PadFone 2 Review

    Hi Paul try and get the infinity,you'll forget all pain from the PF2.Oh and don't forget the root. :D :D :D
  15. PadFone Infinity

    Hello every one,I finally got my infinity,do you guys think that the root method we used on the pf2 could be used on the infinity? thank you