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  1. @Bandaranaike + C3C0 Glad to hear you have resolved your Google Maps issue. However just in case anyone else comes across the "Please enable Google apps location access" error; you need to enable it in the Accounts section as well as the Location section. System settings > Google (Accounts section) > Location settings > Let Google apps access your location > ON Hope this helps someone at some point!
  2. Ahh... the sign of a true developer, you have taken to working on in your sleep! :) I think the menu is a great idea, keeps it simple so that everyone will understand. Thank you so much for taking the time to work on this ROM. It is very much appreciated.
  3. Excellent work C3C0, However is response to the wording on the new low battery settings, three small points if I may. 1. To keep consistency with the other settings in this menu I think it should really only be “Disable displaying of the…” since it is not 100% clear if the tick enables or disables it. 2. I feel a better spelling of 'Dialog' would be 'Dialogue' but that is because I'm British! Perhapes it would be even better to omit the word completely? Thus just leaving: “Disable displaying of the low battery warning” 3. With the sound option, again it’s not 100% clear. So maybe something like “Enable the low battery sound” would be simpler. These are very small points, and you are free to ignore them as you see fit. :) Thanks
  4. The option to mute the camera MAY be added to CM9 (the base code of CFX) shortly: http://review.cyanog....com/#/c/17810/ However as a stop gap measure I just replace the file in the zip \system\media\audio\ui\camera_click.ogg' with one that is silent before flashing. It's as simple as opening the Zip and copy / pasting the silent files over the originals. see this link: http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=878040 Sam
  5. I too had this issue of keys lighting up but not actually doing anything. I changed the CPU governor to Smartassv2 (in performance options) and this really seemed to improved things for me
  6. It’s been a few months since I tried this ROM last and I must say the improvements are great. Well done to all involved with helping the Skate get some ICS love. I just wanted to check on one small issue that I seem to be having. Whilst the screen always responses to touch i.e. the selected button glows blue, the phone doesn’t always DO what has been asked of it. I sometimes have to press a button 2 or 3 times to get the phone to act. There is no pattern and it is system wide, effecting all apps and menus except the keyboard which always works fine. This happens in about 15% of all key presses. Is this just a feature of this ROM that will in time be worked out? Despite this I think I might stick with this rom as my daily as it’s just so good. :) Thanks Sam
  7. Or if you still want to use the built in app then simply setup the account as a 'Corporate / Exchange' account (ActiveSync) using: Select MANUAL setup Server: m.hotmail.com username: \[email protected] password: ?????? This way you get to sync your emails, calendar and contacts (you can select which you want). Sadly the Hotmail app doesn't allow the editing of contacts for some odd reason? Sam
  8. Since I updated to 3.4 the other day (with new splash screen that just says Kindle) it has stopped working for me. As has been said in the comments section on the Market it seems that Amazon have dropped the ball here and released an update that clearly wasn’t tested fully. I hope they’ll fix this and release an update soon. V3.3 worked fine for me.
  9. The links to Minus on the first post seem to be down. Do we have a mirror anywhere? Edit: now working again! :) Thanks Sam
  10. Our loss, but this ROM is so good I can understand your wanting to 'move on'. The only thing I can think of is maybe make the grey a little lighter in the pull down menu. i.e the off state of Wifi, gps etc. All the best with those 'other' phones! Sam
  11. I understand about this being the end of development this ROM (at least for now) but to be honest it’s great just as it is! Once the Black on White menus are sorted I think I will just stick with this ROM until ICS is ready to use. Thanks for all your efforts. I look forward to installing v4. :) Sam
  12. I'm online... and willing to test. Thankfully not had any issues in the past (short of the menus being a bit hard to see!) Sam
  13. I did something unusual today (given the recent wet weather in the UK) I tried to use my phone outside. I had real difficulty in reading some of the menus in the sunlight. If Black or White text is a problem, is there a reason not to use Blue text? Great ROM, thankfully never had any issues with it! Could just do with a bit more contract in the menus. Many thanks Sam
  14. There is a modified version of Skype here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1148708 It claims to 'force' Video and also fixes the use of speaker issue. I haven't actually tried it myself so can't confirm if it works. But it's probaly worth trying. Update: Ok so I thought I'd actually try it myself. It does force the sound onto the correct speaker, but it can neither send nor recieve video :( Oh well maybe in some future build... Sam
  15. The .zip is just installed via ClockworkMod (the same method used to install the ROM). So just reboot into Recovery and choose the .zip file for whichever add-ons you have downloaded and apply them. Should only take a few seconds! Sam