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  1. Will you be themeing the vanilla options so it looks more the GNex, or will you be keeping the stock touchwiz theme.
  2. Wow thankyou. Will there be any more updates today? Is this version just as fast as the stock 4.0.4? just asking as i have heard really great things about it. Thanks sooo much
  3. Ive also sent the confirmation to you, yesterday still havent been upgraded yet.
  4. Worked a treat, thanks. Why did I have to do that though.
  5. Yeah, adb devices brings up my galaxy nexus, i have also installed your insecure boot image.
  6. Any help with the above error, would love to add this to the phone.
  7. adb shell cat /system/app/SystemUI.apk>/sdcard/SystemUI.backup.apk The system cannot find the path specified.
  8. I need to know if the 3 version is sim locked or not, id heard it wasn't so I was planning on getting one and putting my o2 sim in. Thanks for any help.
  9. rockbmi

    MoDaCo Custom r1 Beta discussion archive

    I must have downloaded the older file just as you had updated, and I have just reflashed this minute with the wipe version and its now working, thanks alot.
  10. rockbmi

    MoDaCo Custom r1 Beta discussion archive

    Im not having access to settings at all, the icon isn't there and menu - settings doesn't work, i have also upgraded.
  11. Hi, im very interested in buying this, but first I need to know if the Arriva Mobile Ticket works on it, I have it currently on my Nexus S, but I will be selling it to buy a Galaxy Tab so will need to know if it works. Thanks for any help/