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  1. Paul,

    Is there any chance you or an admin could delete my account from your site and records please?

    I've been receiving notifications since November and have PM'd you a number of times.

    If there's something further I need to do then please let me know.


  2. How do I delete my account

    All, To save you the bother - despite making the request a couple of times on this thread and PM's ... there appears to be no way out and your account will not be deleted. But I do get notifications ... bliss. Perhaps a petition or formal letter? ... https://ico.org.uk/media/for-organisations/documents/1475/deleting_personal_data.pdf
  3. How do I delete my account

    Hi Paul, Could I ask that you delete my account also please. Thank you,
  4. [KERNEL]CorvusKernel 0.2 (for stock too)

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