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  1. Hi, the phone has only just got a mainstream seller in the UK with Three, before that is was Expansys or other European import routes. Three are selling it for a great PAYG price of £149.99 (plus £10 top up). Hopefully it should sell at that price, because to get these specs for price on an Android phone right now, are risky Chinese imports, with guarantee and other issues. Though it must be said there are some fine sounding models available from there. If it sells well, then developers should jump on board, I've only seen one so far, but have not seen any user feedback for it, I'm sure there are other roms being produced in Europe, as the phone was launched earlier over there. Anyway, I'm pleased with how the phone as it runs now, with near stock android and Acer seemingly willing to provide regular updates. All bodes well for the phone.
  2. Don't know if it's a world wide guarantee, but it will cover the UK. Expansys have UK offices and are a legitimate seller. Check this link from Acer UK, at the bottom its says, "Smartphones - 2 years carry in" - If you haven't already, make sure you register your Phone with Acer - It's unfortunate that Maximus9 has had a faulty device, but I'm sure when he returns it he will get a fully functioning replacement.
  3. Sorry to hear you have had problems, but obviously that can happen. Can't you just sent it back to the seller and get a replacement or from Acer, if they are offering free postage and who say the phones guaranteed for 2 years ! Hope you sort it out and get a fully working replacement.
  4. Three are now selling the E2 for £149.99 on PAYG Good price on The One Plan too, £23 per month Hopefully it will sell well at this price, then we may get a better range of accessories for it.
  5. Pretty average review on Engadget Not the first review to belittle the phone in comparison to the nexus 4, but thats a £100 more and you're stuck with less than 16GB Mine flys on all the apps I've used. OK the focus on the camera is iffy, so you have to take care with your shots, but everything else seems fine for the money.
  6. Here's some interesting news, the guy on this site has some custom roms for the Liquid E2, also he has a repartition mod to enlarge the internal storage to 2Gb for his roms. His 4.2.2 mod may interest some as it includes a GPS tweak as some users have been complaining about the phones GPS reliability. I haven't tried the mods myself, as I'm happy with the phone as it is for now, but may give it a go later. No feedback on his site, so I don't know how reliable these downloads are !!
  7. Received 4.2.2 as well, the move apps to sd card is now enabled so no more storage problems. Overall, feels a bit smoother.
  8. It seems the phone is receiving an update to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, as well as allowing users to move apps to SD. Happening in France now, hopefully here soon.
  9. Yes, probably only a few hundred devices in the country at the moment. Lets hope it gets more popular when Three start selling it and if some of the chains (Carphone etc.) pick it up. Makes it hard to get device specific accessories right now. Got a generic pull tab case for £2.39 off Ebay, that will do for now. Shame if it doesn't take off, because it's a great phone for the money. Haven't had any connections problems, but I've only used to tether to a PC at home, which it does well.
  10. No probs with GPS, but I don't use Tracks, not sure what you mean by 'mediatek chip problem with the 'split' distances increasing exponentially'. ​From what I've read the chips pretty solid for a mid range quad core, maybe it's a software glitch
  11. Thanks for the 'english guide,' checked out some of the european forums myself, but was wary because of translation grey areas. Hopefully this phone will take off on MoDaco and the UK so some developers get a rom together for it. This is probably the cheapest android phone for 42.2 Mbps downloads as of now and good specs to go with it, for the money Got mine from Expansys yesterday and well pleased with the performance so far.
  12. Now in stock at Expansys UK £179.99 Black & white models available. Free delivery
  13. Follow this guide for Link2SD

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