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  1. SanDisk Mobile Ultra Class6 4GB has mount loop, when formated with SGS Blade says Damaged SD card. Kingston Class4 4GB not working at all, same you don't even put card. Verbatim Class6 8GB works. Gen1 TFT Blade on CM7
  2. Flash it manually from recovery.
  3. Sorry my english. I tried Maps and switched to GPS test and see reboot/shutdown. When asked pin code touchscreen was unresponsive. Buttons worked ok. After about one minute+ touchscreen worked again and I could unlock the phone. GPS was on but no GPS icon in Maps or any other GPS needy sofware. Tried to GPS off->on->off->on and no icon. After manual reboot GPS icon was back.
  4. One GPS reboot in N74. Tried to make it reboot after that with logcat on but no luck.
  5. In N67 after opening Gallery CPU load stays 100% and soon it freezes. System Panel doesn't show what is using CPU 100%. Have to remove battery to recover. Anyone else?
  6. Audio and video working?
  7. Same problem here. One nighty it gave force close without wipe. After wipe just black screen as before.
  8. I don't know why I never had charging issues. I must be very lucky or can someone explain. I have been using CM7 since N25. GPS issues I had in some point. Now running N61 in Gen1 with KK converter.
  9. Someone test Google Talk, please. Working audio/video chat or not?
  10. Just tried Speedx 3D and I would say it works. Is it what you ment?
  11. Accelerometer is much better, at least in ShootMe and Gallery.
  12. New Google Talk working with video/audio? edit: new Talk is working and asks WiFi connection for video/audio chat but is still no go :/
  13. New Google Talk can be found here. But I can't get video call work in Blade (CM 7.0.2)
  14. I came from N31. Pulled titanium backup apk to SD-card. Installed N37 from ROM Manager, Wiped data and cache. Installed titanium backup apk from SD-card and restored apps and accounts. So far so good. Even Angry Birds are working from backup what they didn't do in N31. Don't know why.