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  1. JustaBloke

    Kit-Kat watch

    It looks like Paul is too busy to continue N4 development, or the demand is too low. I've unrooted mine and updated OTA to Android 4.3. The N5 is now on sale, does anyone know when we are likely to get 4.4 OTA?
  2. JustaBloke

    Kit-Kat watch

    It looks like Paul is too busy to continue N4 development, or the demand is too low. I've unrooted mine and updated OTA to Android 4.3. The N5 is now on sale, does anyone know when we are likely to get 4.4 OTA?
  3. JustaBloke

    Kitchen Down?

  4. TIME TO WAKE UP! Android 4.3 is upon us! What are your plans Paul?...
  5. JustaBloke

    Win 8 can't see my N4 - Help required.

    Thanks for the reply, but to be honest, that was one of the first things I tried. Still no luck. Looks like I am going to have to do a full reinstallation of Win 8 (a repair didn't help) in order to replace the elusive MTP driver. which shows as missing when my N4 is attached. The only flaw in this masterplan is why doesn't it show as missing when my GN10.1 is attached?
  6. JustaBloke

    Win 8 can't see my N4 - Help required.

    To transfer files via Bluetooth, sloooowly.... :D
  7. JustaBloke

    Win 8 can't see my N4 - Help required.

    Thanks for responding Eddy. I've tried that and no luck. I've tried PTP mode too. All very strange. Why does my Note 10.1 work ok? Why did my Galaxy Nexus work ok? And yet this Nexus 4 won't??? As stated, I've found a (long) way around it, but I'd still like to solve the problem.
  8. I wonder if anyone can help? I have recently moved from a Galaxy Nexus to a Nexus 4. I managed to root it using the XDA method, unfortunately Paul's method didn't work for me. My problem is that when I connect my N4 via USB the phone says "Connected as a media device" but it fails to appear as a drive that I can explore in 'my computer'. It also fails to appear in device manager so I cannot update drivers using that method. I managed to upgrade to JR9 by transferring it via Bluetooth (took a while), this installed fine. I also have a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. This appears without any problem. So why doesn't the Nexus? The last Nexus did. I've tried connecting in USB debugging or MTP modes, neither works. My PC is Win 8 pro 64bit. I've tried using USB 2 and 3 connections and alternative USB leads. As I said, the phone sees the PC, it charges and says it's connected but the pc doesn't see it. 'ADB Device' sees the Galaxy Note but not the Nexus. I've tried everything I can think of without the Note connected in case it was interfering, but to no avail. And I've done some Googling, it seems there are other people with invisible Nexus', lots of suggestions, but none that work. But with the knowledge in here, I'm hopeful. Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. JustaBloke

    Alternative to modding the Vega

    Mod. You've got a pale imitation of the device you could have, if you don't... And although you feel hesitant, you'll learn quickly, and feel you've achieved something once you've done it. Remember, you can always return to where you are, so there's absolutely nothing to lose, and masses to gain.
  10. I'd like to win one. Everyone needs a spare Internet Tablet for their smallest room, and I'm no different.
  11. JustaBloke

    El Reg Review

    I can't substanciate this with a link but I seem to recall that the Google apps (in Android 2.x) are denied both because the screen size is over 7 inches and that there is no phone functionality. Distribution of the OS is effectivly unmonitored however the apps are licenced.
  12. JustaBloke

    El Reg Review

    For the first few months, no. But these days the Vega is on sale in Currys / PC World so all sorts of people, the majority of which will never have heard of MoDaCo, will be buying it. Actually El Reg's target audience is the more tech savvy, so the reviewers comments might have been worse if it were a mainstream consumer review.
  13. JustaBloke

    El Reg Review

    Agreed, but they could put 'a' market on. I seem to remember that at launch time they were claiming that it would ship will Archos' Appslib pre loaded. What happened to that? To ship the thing with nothing on it and no way of improving it, and then selling it at retail, is ridiculous. I worked for DSG many years ago and this puts me in mind of the Amstrad 'Mega PC' (remember that? 386 / Sega hybrid) Great spec. Great price - didn't work. I pity their customer service staff at the moment. :(
  14. JustaBloke

    El Reg Review

    I think that's an unreasonable thing to expect. Most people expect consumer products to 'just work' straight out of the box. I have plenty of friends who own and are able to operate a PC. By that I mean they can interact with Facebook, send and recieve eMails etc. But as soon as they need to install an application or add a new eMail account to Outlook they are completely unable to follow instructions and my phone inevitably rings. The possibility of them installing the necessary USB drivers themselves is absolutely zero even if they were willing to 'risk' doing it in the first place. I say 'risk' because that is how they would see it. They would simply think 'I'm not going to try that, it might damage my computer' and take the Vega back. I think we have to understand that we are a 'certain type' but that PC World is full of 'ordinary Joes' who have little of our sense of adventure. They will buy the Vega because it is 'a cheap iPad' then they'll get it home and find that it's useless to them. I repeat, I love mine. The only reason I don't recomment it to my friends is that to do so, would be asking for trouble. :(
  15. JustaBloke

    El Reg Review

    They're not impressed... http://www.reghardware.com/2011/03/08/revi...t_android_vega/ It's going to get a complete kicking as it's just not suitable to be sold at retail. I agree with the reviewer that (though I love mine because I've found this forum and was able to follow the instructions on it) most people will hate the thing as DSG are shipping it right now. See what you think.