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  1. 983 on orange from tesco

    for anyone who's is wondering. I Have Just bought one of these as temporary phone while mine is being repaired. Got it from Tesco and can confirm that they will accept a T-mobile contract sim. Although Tesco staff are unaware of it and there labelling indicates orange only.
  2. Acer S120 Service guide

    Well here is the parts list that to add to the collection. http://hotfile.com/dl/157076539/4bfe532/Master_Part_List_for_FTP.xls.html
  3. Acer S120 Service guide

    I didn't download the service guide although i did look at it so i guess it might be in a cache on my computer somewhere. I do have the master parts list, the touch panel calibration program and a pdf to explain how to use it. If anyone wants them let me know.
  4. Acer S120 Service guide

    I have just had a look through the parts list that are found in these links for a battery cover as I have cracked my lens. So I found the part number and did a search for it. It looks like there is just one site that sells these parts along with other parts too.The silver battery cover is listed at a price of 20.34 euro. If anybody is looking for parts here is the link. http://www.zandparts.com/acer/index.php?cPath=139443_171803_222598_222614
  5. [KERNEL] TechnoLover's Kernel Edition 1.5 (25.06.2012)

    CyanogenMod/MiUi (Download CM-Version) There are 2 versions, 1% and 5% which refer to the battery charging status. some people have trouble with 1% version. 1.4c is the latest update. I don't use CM/Miui perhaps someone else can say what is working best for them.
  6. [KERNEL] TechnoLover's Kernel Edition 1.5 (25.06.2012)

    which ROM are you currently using ?
  7. Clockworkmod recovery v5.0

    Thanks, I must have missed that. lol. I'll try it again Yeah all working easy when you know how !! funny though because the volume keys still move it up and down.
  8. Clockworkmod recovery v5.0

    Sorry, i didn't explain very well. I did use the install_recovery same as V3.0 and this was successful. the phone does reboot into CWM and shows the menu reboot system now, apply update from sdcard etc..... I can scroll down and highlight each line but when i press the camera key to select for example install zip, nothing happens and this is the same for all options. I have just tried this again it definitely doesn't work on my phone. I hope i have explained it well enough now.
  9. Clockworkmod recovery v5.0

    I tried this on my MT the other day and it didn't work for me. I thought I'd wait to a couple of days before posting just to see if anyone else had a problem, but the thread has been very quiet. Anyway I've now gone back to V3. l So what happened was the install script worked perfectly and afterwards the phone booted up and worked normally. rebooted into recovery OK scrolled down to install zip from sdcard pressed camera button.... waited at least 3 minutes nothing happened. scrolled up to apply update from sdcard.. pressed camera button nothing happened. scrolled up to reboot system now pressed camera button after about 2 minutes phone rebooted. Installed it all again and this time even the reboot didn't work. V3 is fine for me, I just wondered if others are having the same problems ?
  10. [KERNEL] TechnoLover's Kernel Edition 1.5 (25.06.2012)

    Yep same for me in T&L. Thanks for the work technolover, 1.3a is best for me.
  11. [KERNEL] TechnoLover's Kernel Edition 1.5 (25.06.2012)

    Me too, going back to 1.3a
  12. [KERNEL] TechnoLover's Kernel Edition 1.5 (25.06.2012)

    This one is the first one to actually boot up properly for me. Thanks
  13. [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

  14. [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    Multiupload is now down. Has anyone got another link for XT9 please.