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  1. Paul is selling his for £120 sim unlocked with free UK delivery... go on, you know you want to ;)
  2. Thanks KenBW2, been looking for a Blade replacement (under £150) since Christmas but it's proved a tough act to follow. Had previously ruled the G510 out because of the 512MB RAM but having read through the associated threads on this forum now think it an acceptable compromise.
  3. Had my Blade 2 1/2 years and looking at this phone as a replacement too. Do you think you made the right decision?
  4. dcghoul

    best place to get Jiayu G3

    Appreciate that fella :) never ordered from a Chinese vendor before and googling showed they have can have a very different idea of customer service compared to here in the UK. Merimoblies was getting mixed reviews but but showed they were aware that western customers had higher expectations and unlike some of their competitors were actively seeking to redress the balance.
  5. dcghoul

    best place to get Jiayu G3

    Thinking of pre-ordedring a G4 from Merimobiles in a couple of weeks, be interested in how your G3 order goes.
  6. Congratulations Mummy & Daddy Frankish !! :( I'm on to v2.3 RC1 & RC2 have given me Nightly, Experimental & Stable :(
  7. dcghoul

    Your next phone?

    Ordered my SF on the 9th, supposed to arrive on the 17th, still not here but if it ever does come I quite fancy the playstation phone for my next handset.