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  1. wakaru

    Mastering Tasker - 1: Getting Started

    I would also add that, in order to support the developer, grab the direct-purchase version from Tasker's official website (http://tasker.dinglisch.net/download.html) instead that from the Google Play Store. It will be a bit cheaper £3.49 and support file encryption. Mind you that since this version does not get linked to your Google account you will not be able to simultaneously install Tasker on multiple devices with the same Google account as you would be able to do with the Google Play Store download.
  2. Well, I've tried a SIM card from abroad (spanish - Simyo/Orange) and a UK on (T-Mobile) abd both work, so I guess it is unlocked. I cannot see any branding anywhere either (phone or software). Again, thanks very much for the info specially for the tip regarding the unbricking/triangle removal tool. I'll make I get one before starting to fiddle with the phone anyway. Until then I will try to figure out if there is a way to get a Nandroid backup of the "virgin" phone. Thanks very much again.
  3. Thanks for the replys. I was wondering if there was a way to take a nandroid backup before installing the CF-Root & CWM recovery, as if needed, I would like to revert the phone to its original condition (i.e. original recovery + original android ). So if I were to install the CF-Root kernel, then install CWM recovery, and I then make a nandroid backup, this nandroid backup will contain the CWM recovery and CF-root. Right? Is there a way to revert the phone back to its original condition? (i.e. without CF-Root and CWD recovery)
  4. Hi, I have been using a ZTE Blade for the last year, which has been a great experience to get into the Android world. I have recently acquired a new Samsung Galaxy S2, and before I start tinkering with it (rooting, ICS, etc) I would like to get a nandroid backup of it, as unmodified as possible. I'm sure the subject must have been covered before but I've tried searching but I could not find anything, so my apologies in advance. This is just in case I have to revert it to its original condition at some stage (The phone has been supplied by my company as it is a work mobile). Could anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks.
  5. http://blade.windows98.co.uk/downloads/update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-Blade-KANG-signed.zip Not Found The requested URL /downloads/update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-Blade-KANG-signed.zip was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  6. Either there was not many handsets available to start with, or a hell of a lot of people hace added the phone to their basket (Like I did) cause it showing now "Join waiting list" I will not carry on buying mine, so it'll get released to somebody else willing to pay that much. Topcashback + Orange.co.uk seems more reasonably priced and includes the headset and some credit on.
  7. wakaru

    Orange San Francisco II leaked

    Judging by the pictures it seems to have a front facing camera as well. Don't you think?
  8. Go to Settings > CyanogenMod Settings > Display > Automatic Backlight > Tick on "Use Custom", then "Edit other levels...." Default Light Sensor Levels Vs Custom Light Sensor Levels
  9. I've been using Blade ROMS since Dec-10 (including many nighties from CM), and never had an issue connecting any of the blades at home with the WiFi from our BT HH v2.1A. Only issue was at first, when the SSID was hidden. Obviously un-hiding the SSID sorted the problem. For what it's worth I always set fixed IPs and Security level WPA2.
  10. wakaru

    Your five most loved apps?

    Try a long press on the "L" key. Surely you are using it with a ROM which is not CyanogenMOD. Unfortunately Swype lags on most ROMs. It runs very well on CyanogenMOD.
  11. It charges at 700mA but because of the charger, not because of the cable itself.
  12. I think there was a guide in the XDA forums, but you will have to search for it. It is just as simple as tearing the charger apart, soldering both together (DATA + & -) and Bob's your uncle. As for the HTC chargers / Cables I do not have a clue since I do not own any ot them.
  13. You can short DATA + & - in the mains charger, so you can use a regular Micro USB data cable. That is what I did in my 1A Car charger. I am not sure there is a specific micro USB for charging only.