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  1. £125 with no topup required, and £3-4 unlock codes from ebay work according to Hotukdeals. This is the best value phone you can buy in the UK right now by a long shot. Reminds me of the Orange San Francisco days. Internals are the same Pretty much a rebrand of the ZTE Blade 6 and a combination of the Blade 6 Plus, with some minor changes. The Vodafone has a 1080p screen, whereas the 6 and 6 Plus only have 720p screens. Other internals are exactly the same or negligible. Small outer design changes too. Check out the full differences between the 3 phones here: Vodafone have gone with stock Android. Only negative is I really doubt they will update it beyond the current lollipop. Grey/black available now and Silver/white will be available later.
  2. Updated links and instructions for the site, all downloads are working now. Site still alive.
  3. £3.93, same seller as the post above I think
  4. I just had a search on Google and there are already legitimate websites offering unlock codes for less than £5. Don't use any site that doesn't use PayPal however.
  5. Launches tomorrow (12th April) for £130. It's about time we saw a budget dual core Android phone. There have been a lot of Windows Phones with similar specs in the past few months, like the Huawei Ascend W1: http://www.itproport...indows-phone-8/ Looks like it could be the next G300.
  6. I actually had a similar problem with Ubuntu and it worked after changing USB ports + rebooting.
  7. Stock recovery: http://www.mediafire...54buyd39m40a61y (from this thread -
  8. Plays perfectly with the built in video player and MX Player.
  9. Try following this guide, and make sure you follow the USB drivers page.
  10. Very nice phone. Has the potential to be the next HTC HD2. I hope it takes off.
  11. Updated. Should finally be fixed this time. Please redownload and let me know.
  12. Thank you. I think I know what the problem is this time. I'll update the app tomorrow and post it here.
  13. Do you mind posting a screenshot? Are you using Windows? Are you using a custom ROM? EDIT: So I figured out the problem I think. It should be fixed now, please redownload the RootBlade3.exe file and run it again (or the Mac/Linux versions if you're not using Windows)

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