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  1. gallery madness

    Sorted by putting in a .nomedia file
  2. gallery madness

    Hi guys. Really hope you can help me. My phone is saving every single Facebook emoticon as single individual folders in my gallery. TONS of them! Can anyone help me sort this? Please x
  3. MoDaCo App Invalid License Issue

    Agree with the guys above
  4. MoDaCo App Invalid License Issue

    I enjoyed using the MoDaCo app a lot..but I'm seeing a lot of people use Tapatalk now so I thought I'd try it. Still finding my way but it would do ok if the app is retired.
  5. MoDaCo App Invalid License Issue

    Thanks..I'll install it too as I still can't use the app :( Modaco app no longer in play store
  6. MoDaCo App Invalid License Issue

    Yep. Had this same issue today as well
  7. 4.2.2 for HTC One, what do you think?

    You might get one eventually.. :) The Best phone IMHO..but you know how this works..there's always something new on the horizon ;)
  8. 4.2.2 for HTC One, what do you think?

    I'm liking this update a lot :-) it's definitely snappier. Loving the new settings. You can display your battery percentage ..get rid of that awful power saver icon..change the doc icons and take screenshots easily..prob more I've yet to discover. great phone anyway of course ^_^ lol
  9. HTC One: Double Dip Hard Shell case

    :D lol.. I am indeed! :P Well..you see now that the grass is not always greener and you seem genuinely remorseful. I think a shiny new accessory, and some tlc, is in order. I'm sure she will forgive your moment of weakness :blush: I wouldn't mention O2 Refresh to her tho <_< :P Good luck..happy grovelling ;) x
  10. Hi..trying to stream live football on to the nexus 7. Tried the lFS app, sideloaded flash and installed MX player but still no joy. Anyone managed this ? TIA :) x
  11. HTC One: Double Dip Hard Shell case

    That's awesome! I like your thinking. :D Wish I'd worked out a system like that. I shall keep it in mind ;) :P x ( I'm with O2 too..didn't even know about Refresh..that'll teach me to pay attention) :P
  12. HTC One: Double Dip Hard Shell case

    Hiya. I totally understand. I'm the same. If I have a few niggles it puts me off a device <_< I'm really not a Samsung fan, but the S4 is still a class phone.I hope you have lots of fun with it. My One isn't perfect, but i love it anyway..which is just as well since I have a 2 year contract with it lol :P
  13. HTC One: Double Dip Hard Shell case

    Hiya ..just saw your post. I will take a pic when i get home for you. I'm biased..but the One is just awesome ^_^ x Hi @masterpfa : first 2 the Barely There..little bit thicker than the one I had for my Nexus..making the volume buttons a little fiddly.but ok. Second 2 ..the cheaper bling one..but my case of choice as it's actually really slim..just as nice to hold. The Nillkin case as mentioned before by @gadgetshop is also really good. ^_^ x
  14. HTC One Dock (desktop/bedside) ?

    Thanks a lot :) I like the slim tight fitting cases so don't like to keep taking them off.. Lol. Might still get the dock tho ;)
  15. HTC One Dock (desktop/bedside) ?

    I've had a nillkin before and it was nice and slim :) looking for a dock too..please let us know how you get on with yours and if you have to remove the case first . Thanks :-)