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  1. I am using Jonvalvo lite Kitkat for months, with very few problems. Is it worth it to try the latest official kiktat beta? Can someone confirm its this one? PS I could try and restore back to Jonvalvo but i always had trouble restoring to my previous backups.
  2. i have a kitkat aosp on my Coolpad. I need some help to disable hardware buttons, i like onscreen. Anybody did it with success?
  3. Coollife 5.5 4.2.2

    What is not working??
  4. That CPB of the 018 is the official-factory kk unmodded??
  5. @pestpony I need some info so i can try as well 1) Did you use YGDP to flash? 2) Did you include gapps? Which file? 3) Is there still horrible lag when using 'recents'?
  6. How an updated Coolpad F1 could be in 2015?

    Ok, maybe i will bother you tomorrow, since i dont follow this community so often lately.
  7. How an updated Coolpad F1 could be in 2015?

    Too much bloatware. Too much lag in recents. Is there any stable kit kat? Can you please provide links for the: 1) Latest JB stable 2) Latest KitKat build ? I wanna try again.
  8. How an updated Coolpad F1 could be in 2015?

    You want the same price but ALL specs to be upped, lol :P I dont really care about the specs, i just want a better os, CoolUi SUCKS bigtime. Factory AOSP would be nice. All others are already great. It has great, and i mean GREAT, screen, excellent call quality, good build quality. Anyway, here are the specs i'd like: 1) 5.2-5.5" screen 2) 2800-300mah battery 3) 32gb rom 4) DoubleTapToWake would also be ok, i dont care about gestures.
  9. I also have a Oneplus I also got a 1+1, its incredible phone. Still also using my Coolpad as daily driver, its a very fun phone to use. I would upgrade to Nexus6, if it ever lowers the price (MOOOAAAAAAR screen pls) Sorry for the offtopic.
  10. If you dont want to mess up with ur device much, i would suggest Jiayu G4S
  11. I didnt follow this tread for a few days, since i got my ne phone (Oneplus) Can you please tell me: 1) Is there an official KK rom yet? 2) What is the latest official rom? Im mostly interested in sound performance, and stability.
  12. But its not supporting dual sim phones, so our only choice is Go SMS Pro
  13. Dont use recents ram bar, its showing different amount than in Settings app. I think it includes some useless caches that normally shouldnt be shown.