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  1. Hi Paul, When i try and do a sound search I get Sound Search for Google Play has stopped. Other than that its working brill. Matt
  2. is anyone else still having random reboots like stock did?
  3. :( unable to bake or access plus lounge either, membership should be valid till 15th August.
  4. Yeah, I updated wallet from r5.
  5. Hi, in my prebake, facebook contact sync is not showing any people in my contacts, also sound search widget is not showing and google wallet was working, but has now FC on reboot of my device, i used it successfully to buy some fredo frogs before hand. Thanks Matt
  6. Pulsar over at villainrom patched it work on lots of other handsets, SGS 1 and 2 and some others, but sadly that still doesn't work on the transformer either.
  7. Looking forward to something being arranged, any idea on dates as im moving from Long Stratton to Sydney at the end of august so that would be a bit tricky. hehe.
  8. How does the vega pdmi pin out compare to the galaxy tab?
  9. missing shared library also on installing weather bug elite.
  10. is there an easy way to make the notification drop down full screen?
  11. does anyone else have a problem with slingplayer not opening?
  12. am i doing something silly, i installed a r4 rom from the kitchen but im not getting any superuser prompts when doing anything that needs root privileges? also VISIONary doesnt seem to do anything, i press the permroot button and nothing happens. Thanks Matt
  13. not working on windows 7 x64 for me, dont get prompted to choose drives and auto installs the windows ones. help. Thanks matt

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