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  1. Facebook Home pre-release leaks

    It won't install over the top - moans that there is an existing version with different signatures.
  2. Facebook Home pre-release leaks

    I'm getting the same login error - tried on a rooted Xperia T (4.0.4) and a Galaxy Note running 4.1.2 Paranoid Android but both give the same error.
  3. XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    Ah I see what you mean then - not sure in that case but they've obviously done it. :)
  4. XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    The same as on the AT&T Note then, if you need me to check for anything on the Note let me know.
  5. XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    Same ROM as me then - I'll try a different one when I get a moment today.
  6. XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    But why would they need all other OEM keys though? The virtual credit card is a new and separate card created by Google and not an existing card from <insert random OEM here>.
  7. XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    This doesn't clone existing credit cards, it gives you your own 'wallet' that you can top up and then purchase things with using NFC from within Google Wallet itself. You have to top up manually first though, that's the point and why they don't need any OEM keys.
  8. XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    Bah still no joy on my i717 - always stuck on initializing. I've tried two WLANs as well as the packet core network and restarted, cleared data etc. to no avail. Any ideas? I have blown the dust off my Nexus now and going to give that a go. :)
  9. XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    Hmmm mine is sticking on "Initializing your device", even after a reboot. AT&T Note i717 on O2 UK with "OnlyOne" Rom. I'll keep trying as this is one of the reasons I wanted an AT&T Note with NFC!
  10. Hi and how to sim unlock Xperia Arc

    I'm also waiting for an Arc unlock from cellunlockers - it seems the repeatedly asking for the same information isn't just restricted to me then! I've been asked three times for the same things now.
  11. Someone on another forum I know spoke to their local Comet who said they had 4 in stock but only the version without the keyboard. It looks like the version including the keyboard will be out on the 18th.
  12. I got caught out the same way and didn't think there were any PS games, I had expected them to be in the 'Get Games' app! They really need to sort out the number of different processes for buying games don't they. I was expecting more around £1.99 for the PSX games too. :D
  13. I think that kind of defeats the point really, this is a phone designed for mobile gaming. If I'm off on the train to watch football or something I don't want to be carrying a Wii-mote, and certainly not a TV. :D
  14. On the Playstation app, if you click on the magnifying glass icon there should be some more games available I think? 5 of them.