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  1. Just as I start to download ALPHA4, BETA1 is out.. Downloading now...! Kudos to developers.
  2. mutasim

    Advent Vega For Uni

    I use RepliGo Reader to annotate on lectures notes (PDFs) https://market.android.com/details?id=com.c...eature=top-paid and Dropbox to sync the files.
  3. Got me thinking about my tech now... Phones: Nokia 3310 > Nokia 3410 > Nokia 7600 > Motorolla V3i > HTC Touch Cruise > HTC Hero > HTC Desire MP3 Players: iPod 4th Gen 20GB > iPod Nano 5th Gen 8GB > iPod Touch 4th Gen 32GB Tablets: Advent Vega
  4. R12 Installed, still have issue with Caller ID when receiving calls =/
  5. mutasim

    Vega accessories

    Ordered the case from Currys, thanks for the discount code. Hope the stand is decent, that's what I want it for really. What's the verdict on the screen protector?
  6. mutasim

    Selecting text in browser and easier input?

    I mean copy/paste text outside of a text input box, so on a webpage
  7. I have a HTC Hero and a Desire, they both allow text to be selected (and then copied/shared/searched) even in non-native browsers such as Dolphin, this can't be done on the Vega currently (running r5). Also both phones have a physical scrollball/pad, means if you are editing text because of a spelling mistake or adding bits, you can press the rough location and scroll left/right to get the text input blinker exactly where you want it. The Vega doesn't have the hardware, but I have used a Desire ROM where a magnified guide appears when you press down to help you get to the right bit. Update: I was thinking a keyboard with direction arrows would be a solution, but it would still be nice to see this natively Oh and another thing I miss (while I'm at it.. ;) ) auto resizing of paragraphs on webpages even in Dolphin. Is this achievable without the source code? If not is there a way we can have a list of feature requests for when a custom ROM is in the works? :)
  8. mutasim

    Stuck in USB-host with stock 1.06.5 and no SU

    Nice one.. seems to be flashing the official firmware :)
  9. mutasim

    Stuck in USB-host with stock 1.06.5 and no SU

    I'm running stock 1.06.5 and I checked /data/local/ and it's empty
  10. I got to this stage and Host works, then I installed Gscript, but I can't run either script.. I get the following error message: stderr: su: uid 10123 not allowed to su I cannot connect it to my PC and use adb because its stuck in Host, I tried the adbWireless app, but that needs su, tried unticking "Needs su" on the script, then I get this message: stderr: /data/local/flash_image: not found Any ideas?
  11. I know this has been brought up before but I couldn't find a definitive answer... Is the issue with hyper-responsive screen when charging affecting everyone? Is this a software issue? I.e. - are we waiting on a fix? :)
  12. mutasim

    Web-Radio Application

    +1 for TuneIn Radio.. works flawlessly on my vega
  13. I've found that in portrait view the Home and Back buttons require many attempts to get it to register.