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  1. Hi - I would like to start using my vega again - been gathering dust for the last year. Firstly - I managed to throw away the AC adapter (thinking it was a nokia charger) - can anyone advise where is best to get a replacement Secondly - I would very much like to get it back to factory and then upgraded to the latest version of software - is there anyone that can help me do this - quite willing to send it off for someone to do it for me !!! Any input would be gratefully received many thanks
  2. tdeadvent

    Advent Vega Keyboard

    Hi - would be very grateful if you could send me a list - but make sure you've done everything you need to do on yours first... I still haven't been able to load the Rom update from this site - I am going to try tomorrow night from another computer.... Sure I'll get there in the end thanks for all your help - have fun
  3. tdeadvent

    green man arrow and box

    have no idea what I have done - but now have lifeless vega with a cute pic of green man, arrow and box HELP !!!!
  4. tdeadvent

    Advent Vega Keyboard

    Hi They r 4 & 5 - so sounds like u might have a lot of useful stuff for me.... They only arrived yesterday and only working on setting up one - might have it done by xmas - have still not done the first rom update - normally great with computers but this is so different !!!
  5. tdeadvent

    Advent Vega Keyboard

    Hi - haven't got as far as looking for other games, just been doing basic testing, and trying to find out how to download apps, and different keyboard (and haven't got that sussed yet !!) If and when I come across any, I'll let you know... Just about to try to download the MoDaCo customer rom add on - then I'll start again trying to sort keyboard If you get any joy with anything, I'd be extreemly grateful if you could let me know... Thinking we maybe should have stuck with netbooks ???
  6. tdeadvent

    Advent Vega Keyboard

    Hi Like my last message - I am new to all of this, so pls be gentle.... We have purchased advent vega for our daughter for xmas, but I am obviously having a good play before hand so I can show her how to use it (although she will probably not need any help) She uses the internet mainly for childrens websites, and playing games on the likes of cbeebies - a lot of these games require keyboard (arrow keys) or mouse control - and although I fully understand I am using different technology - is there anyway that a keyboard/pad can be pulled up when playing... any help, would be very much appreciated
  7. tdeadvent

    advent vega - printing

    Hi everyone new to the site and to my advent vega, so please bear with me :) hence posting this in the ebay section earlier !!!! I have two main questions, hundreds of little ones, but I will post them seperately... Is it possible to print from the vega ?? and if so, how.. Any help would be much appreciated