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  1. Hi - I searched the forum but couldn't find an answer... Now that Google have stopped supporting synching with Outlook, can anyone tell me how to set up synching between my S3 and my Outlook calendar? It doesn't need to be a gmail calendar - but I do need a calendar on my phone that syncs to my work calendar on Outlook and vice-versa. Any reliable Apps?? ps - I'm not that much of a techie, so any replies will need to be at a basic level for me to understand! :) Thanks
  2. percyp

    Stopping screen locking?

    Thanks... that seems to have done the trick.
  3. percyp

    Stopping screen locking?

    Whenever I use my Vega to stream audio over my network, the music cuts out when the Vega 'timesout' due to inactivity. I've set the display to the max of 30mins, but I'm getting frustrated by having to keep resetting the screen. I'm sure there must be a simple solution - so what am I missing? Thanks
  4. percyp

    MoDaCo Custom r6 discussion archive

    DONE IT :) Thanks for the help - it seems to work better on my XP machine and all is now well. But - it seems that I have inadverdently downloaded all the photos off my PC onto the Vega. I can't locate the folder on the Vega, so can't delete them. Any ideas? They don't appear to be on the SD card - as I've connected that to the PC.
  5. percyp

    MoDaCo Custom r6 discussion archive

    I agree. I'm completely lost. Should I have downloaded the update to the Vega? If so - how do I unzip the file, as it keeps saying application not available. I have absolutely no idea how to access any Apps - please help