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  1. hugobosslives

    Kit Kat for Nexus 4

    you not running into any problems buddy? when i tried it out on a stockish build from aosp about 2 weeks ago i had quite a few crashes and lock ups. maybe they have sorted this out now on 4.4.2?
  2. hugobosslives

    Kit-Kat watch

    haha that made me laugh. it's just a notification saying that a system update is required. you click it and it tells you to put your phone on charge and not need it for 30 minutes and then it just does it....... but yer I totally agree I need the custom rom features that I now take for granted. PA have 4.4 rom out however it is very basic and includes no PA features (i.e. they have just made it boot and run so far) I am just going to wait a coupe weeks on 4.3 until it has calmed down a bit and a few roms are out. And in the mean time i'm guna have a play on my friends n5 which he got yesterday to see if its worth selling my n4 and upgrading :D
  3. nah thats not correct superuser is just an app that manages superuser rights root abilities such as write to /system are still open to the correct methods as the root vulnerability still exists. i agree that some apps will not be able to gain root access. but it will not unroot it
  4. hugobosslives

    ZTE Blade V - budget quad core phone coming to the UK

    virgin customers get 20% off. its 89 plus top up so virgin would 89.99*0.8+10= £82 without this you are looking at 99.99 inc topup
  5. hugobosslives

    Slow camera response?

    its a driver issue. camera is hacked together in ics/jb roms so will sadly always be slow...
  6. hugobosslives

    Wireless charging options for the Nexus 4

    It makes a noise when you successfully put it on a wireless charger. Then the notification light on the n4 will tell you if it slips off Problem solved :)
  7. hugobosslives

    Wireless charging options for the Nexus 4

    i'm sure with a bit of DIY this could be very easily remedied..... :) if you are confident with your mitts just take it apart and disconnect the led. if not, get some tape or paint the led cover with white (blackout) paint.
  8. hugobosslives

    Noob N4 Owner

    yer just do scissors on a normal sim very easy and free. on the case front. i was exactly like you and a bit apprehensive on damaging it. I bought a pouch case as i needed one quickly before i went on holiday so couldn't check reviews. It has actually turned out to be very good so I have kept it. I only use th case when out the house. When I get in I take it out and use it naked. The reason I shy from other cases (eg clip on or plastic shells) is that the phone is so dam sexy I want to see it when I use it. I have dropped it (naked) only on carpet or furniture so far and so far I have no damage or scratches :)
  9. hugobosslives

    Homemade PS3 Joypad Phone mount for the Nexus 4

    nice. i am impressed.
  10. hugobosslives

    MIUI WiFi Tether problem...

    try another wifi tether app
  11. hugobosslives

    Auto rotate

    sorry say the obvious. but have you tried rebooting? my skate used to do this occasionally. does the accelerometre work in other things? like games? download laybrinth or simular to check. also. your launcher may be set to not rotate. should still rotate in apps though....
  12. hugobosslives

    Post you home screen piciture :D

  13. hugobosslives

    Post you home screen piciture :D

    Current Setup. First one is my custom lockscreen. Main slider to right unlocks. To left is camera. Then slide upwards on the other three icons opens their respective apps. As you can tell I love sliders not just buttons :D Then the rest are 1 page home screens which shuffle through every 1 minute (i.e. every time you go back to the homescreen you get a new image :D) Btw: Its split into two posts due to modaco's 4.88MB limit on the attachments. Enjoy :P
  14. hugobosslives

    Problem downloading from play store

    yer its probably a lack of cache or storage issue. clear your app cache and make sure you have 20+ mb of space free.
  15. hugobosslives

    Post you home screen piciture :D

    5th screen from above post