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  1. OveR ClocKing omnia lite's CPU !!

    sorry! i don't have the pictures! but if you follow the written instructions you won't need the picture good luck! :o by the way i don't have my cell phone any more! :mellow:
  2. Android on Omnia Lite

    What the hell are they doing! i'm not even sure whether they made it or the video was fake or something! is there anyone who can speak ru? if there is please ask theme what the hell are they doing!
  3. Android on Omnia Lite

    we are talking about android not wp7 and please write in eng :D
  4. Android on Omnia Lite

    why are they so slow?! :( what the ...... are they doing?! ;) it last for about 1 month !! ;) I CAN NOT WAIT! :) where is that android?! :( they said it have some little bugs !!
  5. Touchscreen Issues ... Help please !

    that's all i got! :( ---- no idea! :(
  6. Touchscreen Issues ... Help please !

    probably but you know testing wouldn't hurt would it? and a question: did you changed that parameter ? if you didn't,this means that you changed style of touching( :( ) i mean maybe you since 2-3 days ago you were using your nails but suddenly you decided to use your thumb for that! from all of these i wanted to tell you :just TRY it! :(
  7. Touchscreen Issues ... Help please !

    try this: You need to change some entries i registry. Use SK Tools f.e. and go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> System --> GWE --> Touch --> Filter and change Minimal tap time. Try to find proper time. I use 40. Remember to soft reset your Lite after every change! good luck!
  8. Samsung GT B-7620

    sorry man! i don't have this devise so i don't have roms !
  9. Samsung GT B-7620

    oops you're right i thought your device is galaxy s giorgio armani :( by the way the os is not important just try what i said! if it didn't work show it to a specialist !! :( good luck!
  10. Samsung GT B-7620

    hi i suppose that your devise runs android! and here b7300 runs wm 6.5 so it's not the place for that! but as much as i know do these: try another rom! if it didn't work 99.99% the probleme is from your device hardware or your memory card(just try another one and see what'll happen!) good luck :(
  11. Android on Omnia Lite

    NO way No News! :) ;) :( :( آره جون عمت!! :D من که میدونم تو روسی هستی! :o ----- what was that?! yeah , you're right only if tom & jerry be friends!! ;) i know you man!
  12. Android on Omnia Lite

    :( :( :) ;) ;) did you just wrote that in ru or you used google translator?! any way any news?!
  13. Android on Omnia Lite

    good one! or we can simply send one ru guy from our forum as a spy( :huh: )there and ask him just tell us the news(as eDDy is doing now!)
  14. Android on Omnia Lite

    news: they have fixed another bug: Fixed bugs: bounce touchscreen ----------------------- I don't understand or google translator sucks or the people in that ru forum can not speak ru!! eDDy please check the forum as i had understand from google they was talking about sort of formating memory and... please check there and say whether they made the new version or not!