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  1. and of course root it and pop a custom AOSP rom on it when available. I've been looking around at the spanish and chinese actvity and from what I can see there are roms available, but I'll wait until some other people have done some work on the UK voda variant before I go down that route. Thanks for the advice. Daughters birthday pressie sorted :)
  2. Thanks. I thought as much, just wondered why such a fuss was being made about EMUI and suspected it ran much deeper than just replacing the launcher.
  3. Considering getting a 510 for our daughter but I'm a bit put off by the reports of the EMUI. Can't you just install a custom launcher such as Nova or does it run much deeper than that ? Thanks Martin.
  4. It's a 14mb patch and leaves all the Vodafone 'stuff' alone. I believe it reported the upgrade version number to B885. It definately fixes the volume issue. Anyone who has been running volume boosting apps such as Volume+ should remember to reset/uninstall prior to applying the update just in case you end up with the correct volume + boosted volume and a crackly fizz. As it only reports to fix the volume issue anyone with a non-stock vodafone ROM will not require this patch. However, as this thread started life as reporting the issue and requesting an update from Huawei it serves to show that the company has listened and responded in a fairly timely manner (considering the fix would have to go through Vodafone testing and approval prior to release). I think this bodes well for ICS update for this handset and future handsets from the same stable.
  5. I can confirm that an over the air update is now available which fixes the low volume issue. To apply the update : 1. Open settings 2. Scroll down to 'About phone' 3. Choose 'Online upgrade' 4. Choose 'Firmware upgrade' Update will show. Its a small 14mb download. Just wait for download and either apply now or later. Make sure you have decent remaining battery. The update takes about 2 minutes. Martin.
  6. OTA update now available which fixes the volume issue :-)
  7. Will there be an official stable r10?

    Shouldn't you really be asking if there will be an official stable HTC 2.3 for Desire or even an OTA 2.3 for Nexus One. I'm guessing an official stable r10 is dependant on that.
  8. I've updated radio to 14.05.17 which i believe is latest available. I'll see how it goes and try your recommended. 23 if this doesn't resolve the issue. Thanks.
  9. I've been using this rom for a while now but have never been able to stop the occasional reboot crashes. They only happen on 3g, never wifi. Always when retrieving data such as browsing using standard browser app, loading an article in Pulse app or engadget app. When it reboots it does a full boot, the phone will restart to the launcher often with no sim connection then auto reboot again. This will continue until i remove battery, boot into recovery and clear dalvik cache. After that it's usually 2 further reboots, once without a sim signal, but not auto reboot, but needing a manual reboot and everything will be back to normal. Running radio version 11.05.27 Any suggestions, apart from this the phone is stable.
  10. I have he A2SD+ version of this rom with EXT3 partition created using Backup manager. The free space reported on the internal storage appears to be decreasing without me installing any additional apps. Now reporting 86mb free, it was 90+ yesterday etc I've used Titanium backup to clean Dalvik cache and it reports no unneeded files. How can I see what's using up the free space ? Cheers.
  11. It sounds to me like you already have Maps installed and are trying to push another install over the top, or at least the phone still has maps 'registered' somewhere so it thinks you are trying to overwrite with a conflicting version. What you could try before doing a full wipe, and I've not tried this, is install the older version of maps (extract from a standard r9 ROM) into a location other than /system/apps. (/data rather than /system??) This should allow it to be overwritten by a download from the marketplace. As I understand it the reason we can't overwrite maps/gmail etc is that the apps are installed into the protected system area by the ROM install. Is this correct?
  12. There is indeed. Go back a couple of pages in this thread for the post, basically Boot to recovery mode and use Android Commander (windows) to remove GMail.apk from system\apps (make backup of .apk first, just in case) Can also use ADB if you prefer. Then download gmail from Marketplace
  13. Thanks for the advice. Installing now without wipe/cache wipe. I'll see how it goes :) Updated, first reboot underway <taps fingers> ... ANDROID boot animation ... Preparing SD card All homescreens appear fine Mini info widget reports 114mb free on SD card ;) Titanium backup and ROM Manager updated from Marketplace GMail, VoiceSearch installed from Marketplace Gmail waiting for sync ?... Used the Sync All widget - all sync'd now Excellent, appears to have worked without any issues.
  14. I currently have the non A2SD version of this rom installed running stable with the latest radio release. My sd card is partitioned with ext using rom manager. Now ive subscribed and learnt a little more id like to bake my own version based on A2SD+ removing some of the stock sense apps (peep, teeter, stocks etc) and reflash. The only aim is to run what i have niw, but with more space as I'm down to 15mb internal. What would be the best procedure? I have tutanium backup, all apps and settings backed up saved to dropbox. Id like latest gmail, not bothered abiutmarketplace as there seems to be some issues. If i do a full wipe and restore using titanium will A2SD place apps on ext Do i need to wipe or will reflash work over top Should i just wait for R10(?) Which i assume will have latest gmail etc Also, is the backup rom option in rom manager a nandroid backup (it reboots to recovery). If i do this before reflash and it all goes tits up can i get back to exactly as it is now. TIA Martin