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  1. SIM lock status

    :') :') tears of success... finally yesterday 11am received the code!! Thanks all for you advise and support... Albbri/
  2. SIM lock status

    :@ this is what they have been saying (agree) 3 months ago!!! (at least CS). Since original request has been there for that long I was expecting that executive team could get it done within 24 h.... 48h and counting.... Tomorrow might have another polite call/conversation again then... Thanks Albbri/
  3. SIM lock status

    Hello, thanks for your advice the 8th of April I sent that email with cc to execute* address and 2 days ago talked to one of them on the 0800*.. You were right, they did ask how I got their number :) However nobody has called back and no code yet on the inbox. How long did you have to wait after talking to them? Thanks/
  4. SIM lock status

    nothing from Orange yet. Next week will try to get some few pounds back (at least) sigh....
  5. SIM lock status

    Hi there... seems this is not a forum about unlocking the OSD but something against orange .. this is a resume of my suffering with them... Email sent to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], -- UK Orange customer for more than 3 years. The reason why I have decided to forward my query to all of you is because my request has been "ignored" and misplaced for few months now by several CS and supervisors at your call center. My case : I just need the unlock code for my orange Sandiego phone. emei: 01322200023**** Basically this should be something very very simple but since January I've heard a shocking amount of excuses and lies. Today April 8 of 2013 I have not a clue what is going on. 1. Jan 2013: been told my phone needed to complete 3 months of purchase before proceed. Original date of purchase was August 2012. 2. Feb 1,2 2012. two people on CS said the case was logged and that I need to wait 20 working days before get the code Also charged me £20 3. Feb 28 : a CS representative said my two previous requests were not logged into your system. process would start over again. 4.March 16 finally an email arrived from [email protected] But with instructions on how to unlock an Iphone. 5. Feb 22 same as previous item. CS representative insisted me to connect my orange Sandiego ANDROID to Itunes for unlocking. 6.Feb 22 money refunds started due to people did not know what to say to us. 7.March 24 called EE due to the email received . they said they do not deal with orange requests. Until there my wife Angelica Castro as main person on the account was dealing with this. so she called and authorized me to follow up/ 8.March 25. Once again nobody know anything and process start over... CS representative and a supervisor start asking me to allow 24h then 48 and finally 72 hours for the code. and said they will take ownership for this case until get solved. 9.March 28 receive a text with the message: "Hi from orange your case has been scalated to our handset unlocking team. A manager will ring you back for the updates. pls allow 48-72 hours thks" 10.April 4 a CS representative hangup on me due to was 9pm then tried calling back but system did not allowed me to continue. Nobody called me back. 11.April 5 a CS said: 3 people were already chasing this and there wouldn't case on trying again. my only option was to wait for an update or code At this point don't know how much money was refunded to my wife but, the amount issues, time, stress and even money (in order to get an unlocked device for two trips outside UK after Feb 2013) are more we can resist. Maybe my wife and I have lost hope on this case and EE group but believe sending a copy of this to all of you and maybe Ofcom will help others (loads of other cases on Facebook and different tech forums with same problem). Hopefully this will help you to work hard in order to improve internal procedures and offer a "basic" but effective customer service. Att me! So the lucky ones with an unlocked OSD from Orange are very blessed. This email was sent 4 days ago... lets see if something happens soon or not and i will let you know. Albbri/