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  1. We have 5 copies of CoPilot to give away!

    Most memorable drive? Could be driving an 35' RV alone from one corner of the US to the other. 2,844 miles from CT to CA. In 5 days! A lot of it along (or close to) the old Route 66. Back then (2000) i used yahoo maps directions, printed out on paper (old school!). Managed to not get lost (too much). Just had to remember to keep the pages in strict order, and not drop them out the window... Sleeping in truck stops, driving 12 hours a day, the last 500 miles with a busted passenger window (exploded for no reason!), and loving that gas was still $1 a gallon. Got home and slept for 2 days.
  2. Win a HTC Desire HD with MoDaCo and @superetrader

    I'd like another crack at the Desire HD. I think maybe i didn't give it a proper chance last time.
  3. Having an odd problem. I've successfully installed Pauls kernel and the custom rom. However now the Tab is not 'seeing' the phone/3g part. WiFi's fine. just the GSM part. Baseband is shown as 'unknown'. Is there a modem.bin i can access? Any help please? Edit. Never mind, found it. All sorted.