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  1. gravy1

    HTC One X Review

    WOW thanks Fellwalker that's a good find.... the razr maxx could be the breakthrough into common sense making it the first real "smart" phone. Half of my friends, I do not call after 3 pm as I know they have depleted batteries... a few always carry an additional battery and 1 has an extended 3500 Mah battery and one uses an old (non smart) nokia that needs charging once a week. So hopefully other manufacturers will follow suit.... at present smart phones have been like sportscars where they've been making the boot bigger by making the petrol tank smaller and the HTC one X is like a ferrari with a one gallon tank.... looks great, full of wonderful gadgets, ability and power but can only go 10 miles without stopping for fuel... beautiful but completely impractical in the real world but the Razr Maxx .... anyone who doesn't feel the need to boast about the latest fashion but wants a smart mobile to do exactly what it is supposed to do.... that is the one.
  2. gravy1

    HTC One X Review

    It's a good review but its not for me... manufacturers are so busy trying to compete between themselves over superficial points they are ignoring practicality. Desperately chasing the "title" of "the worlds thinnest mobile" is ruining mobile advancement. At work I cannot move without tripping over a charger lead every few yards so the word "mobile" rarely is warranted by most phones nowadays and to be considered mobile in my opinion it must last a day with average use and any phone without an extended battery simply cannot manage that. Therefore fixed battery is an instant failure to anyone who actually wants to use a phone rather than admire it while it's charging. Also no sd card slot ??? I keep my films and music on my cards and that also alone is an instant deal breaker. If HTC wants to sell "mobile" phones in large volumes they simply have to produce one with a large enough battery and say "yes it's 3 mm thicker than the phone your friends have now, but when they're looking for a power socket and have to carry a charger around all day..... you'll still be using this phone!" I think the spiralling descent into aesthetics will not stop until either someone invents a wafer thin phone with a battery life of 10 minutes or someone gets smart... nothing wrong with a fixed battery providing it's 3500 Mah but in such a small current size, stating that it "sips" power while you DON'T use it only points out that we've reached a stage that we're happy to boast about the features our phones have but we cannot really use them..... Nice phone, serious flaws......
  3. gravy1

    Ask a daft question!

    your trouble is only half the instructions were given to you... I followed the same thread with the same result and had to take the battery out to turn the phone off. I PM'd the author without reply but he's probably swamped. RULE 1 is nobody here works for ZTE (I'm assuming) and therefore any third party work done here carries risk if you attempt instructions where the poster assumes you've installed a program like clockworkrecovery mod or you know how to use APB or you are a phone engineer or have a BA in computer software. I would suggest rather than root you install a 2.2 rom and follow the instructions by StevenHarperUK as he seems to be one of the few people here who takes the time and effort to write complete instructions written very clearly stating what you need, where to get it, where it goes and how to do it. Only 1 problem is that you will lose caller id and searching the dead ends on this site trying to find solutions takes hours... I would say, put up with that in exchange for all the fantastic improvements the 2.2 offers... and hopefully a newer rom with this minor hiccup removed will appear.
  4. gravy1

    Ask a daft question!

    Hi has anyone (or can someone) written an idiots guide to getting the contacts id to show on my 2.2 rom I've seen one vague solution using sqlite and posts refering to contactsprovider.apk but no instructions. thanks
  5. it took me ages to sort out my phone simply because people are vague in their instructions (with the exception of Mr Harper) or they assume you are a qualified mobile communications engineer or write Java for a living. The worst thing as a noob (not just on forums but in life in general is asking for help and someone either saying "doh that questions been asked a hundred times just spend hours trawling through this site for the answer" when they could just post a link to it. I am (naturally) not displaying my callers name since installing my new rom I have spent hours searching for instructions without success I have searched topics and posts and threads but the only 1 I found was completely incoherent to me stating adb push data etc.... I'm assuming you need some software on the pc (sqlite but there's several versions) and the instructions are quite short. I have downloaded contactsprovider.apk and copied it onto my sd card now I just need precise instructions how to amend the contact id problem. Perhaps there could be a NOOB section on the site with very clear idiot proof instructions I'm sure it would stop the "I did what you said but this happened....." problems
  6. didn't work..... unfortunately I think the attempt to follow the superboot thread that locked it up might have something to do with it. I just hope there's someone knowledgeable enough to be able to undo all the problems and make it start afresh so it will take the tesco sim... I PM'd Paul but got no reply but he probably gets swamped with messages. Maybe there's someone who owns a mobile shop who can sort it for a small price....
  7. Appreciate any help if possible...... I unlocked my orange san francisco and put in my tesco sim and all was well, I installed launcherpro and lost my internet connection although my calls and texts worked fine. a factory restore and deleting launcherpro got my internet back. but I decided to root the phone using the superboot thread on this site and had I read the whole thread and all the problems I wouldn't have tried, but anyway while following the instructions word for word my phone just locked and the pc said "waiting for device". The only way to get the phone to do anything was to remove the battery, since then a factory restore has helped with the few glitches it had but when the tesco sim is inserted it says NO SIM and when I try to add an APN it disappears after saving, and when I try to connect via the o2-uk network it says "your sim does not allow a connection to this network".... any ideas anyone do a paid service to fix this ? My phone is OLE not TFT
  8. my number is OUK_P729BV1.0.0B05 so it is OLE but trying to root it just says "waiting for device" I just want to know.... do I need anything installed prior to using superboot ? and if I do need, USB drivers or clockworkmod or something else then I would appreciate these being mentioned rather than assuming everyone knows that they are necessary. I have no wish to risk installing a rom... merely to root my phone. I have PM'd Paul without reply.
  9. the first post seemed so easy but after trying and getting "waiting for device" I had to take the battery out of the phone to get it to turn off. then reading through the rest of the posts it starts to get a bit vague... do I need drivers on my pc ? do I need android sdk ? or have I done something wrong ? perhaps a complete idiots guide from start to finish detailing everything needed, that would be great thanks.
  10. Flumpster. Nobody had touched the phone and in addition a duplicate maps icon and googlemail icon had appeared
  11. Launcher pro did not "break" or "lose" my connection, nor delete my shortcut. I'm saying that my phone worked perfectly before installing home switcher and launcher pro.... Then shortly after installing, my launcher pro icons disappeared from my homescreen and were replaced by + signs (which can be configured to be any shortcut you want) and I could not connect to the internet except via wifi after switching off and on.... I got the orange homepage selector (which along with orange mail is one of the two orange tools I set to disable with launcher pro) do you have to select them every time you switch off and on... I'm sure you do not which leads to the fact that something was wrong with the app or my installation. switching sims back to orange and then back to tesco (after uninstalling both apps) gave me an internet connection again but as soon as a signal was lost and found again, no connection could be made except via wifi or sim switching. the factory reset has cured all problems but how or why it occured is most odd. I can only assume either my phone is faulty or an error while installing caused a glitch.
  12. quick update Restored factory settings, installed every previously installed app except home switcher and launcher pro and internet is perfect again on tesco network. targetbsp: I'm pretty sure that pretty much everyone on the planet does not use it. considering a large percentage of the planet do not own a mobile phone and most of the rest do not have phones capable of running apps and not everyone who has got an app useable phone has launcher pro, so we're definitely talking a lot lot less than 1% of the planet. I do not "figure" it caused the problem I merely followed a process of elimination and as no problem existed prior to the installation and launcher pro's icons disappeared as opposed to the orange icons it was supposed to remove it seems obvious the app itself failed on my phone. confirmed now by the perfect running again without the 2 malfunctioning apps. What caused the malfunction I have no idea... maybe an error while installing or a conflict with another app but it is all ok again. All we need now are restore points on phones to save time and effort.... anyone writing the app ?
  13. APN exactly the same Data connection ticked exactly the same place Icons were replaced with + + + + + not a blank screen putting the orange sim back in retrieves the internet connection and when I change back to tesco sim it stays a few hours then I have to repeat each time. No problems before Launcher pro and home switcher.... and those 2 apps were the only ones installed in 24 hours before problem... in addition (not sure if this is relevant but) every time I try to connect it says there's a problem with my google account....
  14. Hey be careful with Launcher Pro... after a couple of hours all my icons disappeared and it wiped out my internet connection totally
  15. Just to add... I do get a wifi connection just no internet on its own