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  1. No, I read it and it made me think about doing it in other ways! Thanks for your help.
  2. I had a bit of ponder and a search and discovered I could get CWM from here and Amphoras TPT's from here without using Google Play. This meant I could, although I was already Gen 2, try the TPT 'Gen 1 to Gen 2 CyanogenMod 7.1 N257' which would get me a 160Mb system partition and an older ROM. This worked. Then I reflashed the Pacman ROM and Gapps and it all seem (so far!) to be fine. I have a 160MB partition and Google Play. This time when I rebooted the phone did all the ususal set up things I would expect. This looks like a great ROM! :D
  3. No? I think having looked around that my system is not 160MB partition so that will probably be the problem. No idea how to sort that out at all though.
  4. No, I did Gapps...... I'd try it again but CWM has gone too! I'm a bit lost now. :(
  5. Thanks for this ROM, looks really good. I have just had to dig out the old Orange SF as the replacement Sony Xperia U the wife gave me for Christmas has given up the ghost, so I thought I would try this out as I had restored the phone to original settings when I stopped using it in December. Loving the look of it. But, being a bit thick and a bit of a newbie to all this ROM stuff, where is Google Play gone? I would like to install some of my favourtie things and I can't find it at all......???
  6. This thread reminded me that I needed to reconnect my rebuilt phone to the car. I have a JVC KD-R811 that works fine. I seem to have a bit of a random button pressing to get the voice out of the car speakers rather than the phone (I remember doing that last time I set up the connection too) but, presuming that it works like last time, it reconnects properly from then on. I've never bothered to stream music to it, I guess it would work as well.
  7. I'm puzzled.....

    The backup was made around the end of July. I have no idea if 'ext-sd' existed then or not (but I think it must have). Anyway that is history now, I want to find a secure way to back this device up, with all its settings and apps so that some (or all) of it can easily be reinstalled in the future! My wife has no problems with her iPhone/iPod touch apps. Why is it so complicated for Android?
  8. I'm puzzled.....

    Clearly asking for help from people who think they know it all is pointless.
  9. I'm puzzled.....

    Try it. I had an old Clockwork backup. That wouldn't restore. :angry: Spare time yesterday was spent reinstalling Monfro and reinstalling all the apps from the Market which is painfully slow. Is there a version of what iTunes does for the iPhone for Android - backup the lot remotely (not on the internal card) and reinstall when necessary?
  10. I'm puzzled.....

    Thanks anyway, I presume you think you are being helpful but if you are where I am and don't know what 'did you use sd-ext partition?' means, it really is cryptic. Telling me (us) how it would 'explain' the problem might be useful, telling us how to resolve it would be even more useful! ;)
  11. I'm puzzled.....

    There may well be but I don't think there is going to be much help here though.
  12. I'm puzzled.....

    Ah! The answer to that is probably 'yes' then. I used the move to SD option under settings and I can see the apps on the card, if I look at Settings, Applications, Manage Applications,'All' they are listed there albeit greyed out. Thanks for the link, I guess the might explain what has happened! No way to get it all back? Damn, reinstalling all that is going to be a pain in the butt. What I'd like is a to understand where this stuff has 'gone' and why can't it be recovered? Also, if I am to do a complete reinstall, what it the most sensible method of formatting/setting-up the phone so that a problem like this does not happen again. And a backup is actually a backup!
  13. I'm puzzled.....

    Does anyone know what this cryptic comment was supposed to tell me?
  14. I'm puzzled.....

    That sounds rather similar doesn't it? What's really annoying is the 'backups' I have been making, by copying the contents of the SD card dutifully from time to time, would clearly be useless if I needed to reinstate anything! Not that impressed as it goes. Thanks for sharing though, at least I'm not on my own, but reinstalling all that lot is not something I'm looking forward to.....:angry:
  15. I'm puzzled.....

    Oh well, I guess I'm on my own then. :( What a pain. I thought this would be something simple that I had missed. Clearly not. Shame.