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  1. ZTE V9 Tablet

    Really nice room
  2. ZTE V9 Tablet

    Recovery all set , Thank you Sebastian404 I will flash and try your room , Thanks
  3. ZTE V9 Tablet

    It flashed but now ask for the SIMcard of this operator to properly set itself (account creation etc...) I will reflash recovery now do you have any suggestion for a 2.1 room for V9 ? Thank you for all your help
  4. ZTE V9 Tablet

    Thanks is flashing :D after power up with volume down key
  5. ZTE V9 Tablet

    Thanks for the guidance , I'm downloading the file now (nice link btw) and will try ASAP
  6. ZTE V9 Tablet

    it's a V9 from Vodafone (got in portugal) the above sequence doesn't work tablet keep booting , but Vol Down the tablet goes to FTM screen but at the ftm still doesn't work fastboot flash recovery Downloads/recovery-clockwork- < waiting for device >
  7. ZTE V9 Tablet

    I did try with OSX 10.6.6 , Ubuntu 10.10 (with correct udev rules) and Windows 7 all same thing :( , and all my other devices are ok with the 3 machines above what is really really strange is the fastboot thing , why change from fastboot to a ftm (whatever is this at ZTE) the usb gives me this info when at FTM mode ZTE HSUSB Device: Product ID: 0x0112 Vendor ID: 0x19d2 Version: 1.00 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: ZTE Incorporated Location ID: 0xfd100000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 500 and the bellow when at reboot loop ZTE HSUSB Device: Product ID: 0x1354 Vendor ID: 0x19d2 Version: 1.00 Serial Number: V9_Optus Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: ZTE Incorporated Location ID: 0xfd100000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 500
  8. ZTE V9 Tablet

    I did used a Optus 2.1 rom image posted at this thread , and wanted to test to see what was the main diferences between that and the vodafone_pt one could never imagine that a single rom image also affect fastboot .
  9. ZTE V9 Tablet

    Even pressing volume down the Android logo on mine stays up some seconds then continues to boot, and leave me o a White screen with FTM letters in black I never imagined that a wrong rom could also affect fastboot with ZTE devices I did rooted the original Vodafone image and flashed another image with the same keys before , now looks like I have a paper weight :D
  10. ZTE V9 Tablet

    hehehe problem is fastboot is not working (I'm on the same situation) only available menu is FTM (which fastboot or adb doesn't support)
  11. ZTE V9 Tablet

    Hi Sebastian404 I get a the display showing the word FTM and thats it, fastboot do not recognize the device either adb on FTM mode
  12. ZTE V9 Tablet

    well then I have a semi-bricked V9 until find a way to have fastboot or recovery enabled (hw mod , something) :( Thanks
  13. ZTE V9 Tablet

    could a TPT rom be the only recovery option (beside ZTE tech support) ?
  14. ZTE V9 Tablet

    I did , I had your mod from androidpt working before I just decided (I know was stupid decision) to try the Optus image looks like the recovery was replaced :( and now just the FTM mode is available :( since the optus image doesn't accept adb commands (looks like is not enabled) I can't just try adb reboot recovery :)