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  1. You can TPT for 140mb, I just had to make my own using TPT helper.
  2. What TPT did people use to get a 140mb system partition? I have already used TPT to get a 160mb partition so I'm unsure of which one to use.
  3. I thought MMS auto-retrieval was implemented in 19.1?
  4. Download link for the ROM doesn't seem to work. Just me? Brilliant work though, KonstaT. EDIT: Nevermind, works now.
  5. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+get+developer+options+in+android+4.2
  6. Yeah, I sorted it, it was my system partition.
  7. I've installed this rom and the gapps yet none of the gapps show up. Is there a reason for this?
  8. Thanks for this, just upgraded and everything worked perfectly.
  9. I think honeycomb would be a bit too much atm. :D
  10. Working great for me, no real problems so far, using the default gingerbread launcher makes it nice and smooth. Only bad thing I notice is that the camera seems even lower quality and it has no auto focus.
  11. It says 'Android Froyo' on the display its sitting on.
  12. Flash lite is only for 2.1 roms.
  13. Cheers, don't know why I didn't look for the apk myself.