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    Huawei u8800 & ZTE Blade
  1. Fatsodonkey

    Huawei Ascend P2 coming soon to Three

    Still struggling with my u8800 with one of the lousiest support ever. So no more HuiHai for me. We need a new HTC HD2 :D
  2. Could you please make the dpi settings have higher values than 240, if you can? It would be great! :) Thank you and Konsta also everyone else who contributes! :)
  3. How can i odex this rom? I tryed this http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1839445, but now my phone has boot loop for about 30min :D
  4. Just a suggestion. Could you make this rom go higher in px than 240? I would like my blade have something big not small :D The screen is soo tiny.
  5. My system size was 260. Is that enough? I think it should be.
  6. Stuck on splash screen using the app. First time tryed multiboot konstaT cm10 with burstlam cm10 after that tryed multiboot to swedish snow with konstaT cm10. Both stuck to boot screen.
  7. How big data folder i can make with the app? I would love a 1000mb data! ;)
  8. Please burstlam. Show us some international love. I would love to test your builds but im toi dumb to download the from the chinese site. :(
  9. Theme engine coming?!?!? :D Just bought my 3rd zte blade. Eagerly waiting it to come!
  10. Fatsodonkey

    Any custom roms Huawei U8800?

    I think that the phone has its own recovery system. When you press up and the power button at the same time in the startup you go to the recovery mode. Someone should really start making a custom rom for the phone that would atleast allow you to overlock the phone more than 800mhz... The phone really is a good one. Few problems only that could be fixed with a custom rom.
  11. Fatsodonkey

    Any custom roms Huawei U8800?

    I Don´t know?! But i would like to know. :) Could someone be making a custom rom for it?!?!? The phone would desperately need one!