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    Alternative to G300

    I wish you posted this a few hours earlier as I would have considered it unforunately I depend on my phone on a daily basis and pretty much had to order that night. In the end I chose the Samsung Galaxy S III mini, which I now slightly regret. The only upside is that it seems the mod community is more active. Now that it's not my main phone I might attempt to repair the LCD although I saw little point in spending £30 to repair a £100 phone, but if it's successful I could always use it as a dedicated media player. Although to be honest, it has probably been my favourite phone to date and I seriously regret dropping it. Thanks for everyone's suggestions
  2. Plxply

    Alternative to G300

    Unfortunately I can only seem to find one place that sells it in the UK and the price seems slightly steep in comparison to the G300. I was thinking of upgrading to a Galaxy S III mini, since I do need a new phone fairly fast.
  3. Hello, I've had my G300 for many months however it seems that I've finally managed to crack the screen by dropping it. I'm deciding whether I should get the same model or chose a different phone. Does anyone know of any newer phones of a similar price point and value as the G300? Unfortunately I'm a student so all of this is being paid with an overdraft so I can't go too expensive. Thanks,
  4. Has anyone got the MD5 for B04? I seem to be having some problems getting it to boot past the splash screen after upgrading from an earlier version of Infusion.
  5. To use any SD card above 32GB (64GB for example) the device needs to be compatible with SDXC whilst the G300 only has SDHC compatbility limiting you to 32GB cards.
  6. Let me guess you did a full wipe? :D I don't know why everyone hates them, I do it for every single ROM I install, I purchased Titanium Backup so restore is no problem and I don't care for old SMS messages. I always prefer things to be "clean".
  7. What if we like crying to you? Anyway on a serious note, is it worth updating from Nightly 152? It's been fairly stable for me and I'm wondering if there are any specific improvements and if so should I do a full wipe or just the cache?
  8. Plxply

    China leaked 2.3.4

    Try Google Translate: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fbbs.hiapk.com%2Fforumdisplay.php%3Ffid%3D344%26filter%3Dtype%26typeid%3D271
  9. The current state seems to be fine, there is the stable 2.3 ZTE leak and the feature packed unstable CyanogenMod release. Both provide a good option depending on what you're using the phone for and as previously stated you can customise the 2.3 leak as much as you like then release it, whilst still keeping the stable base.
  10. Since Airplane mode works for you, there is a easier way you can make a "fake" airplane mode. Set up a task in Tasker to disable GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi and another one to turn it on again, it will be much easier than doing it manually. You don't actually need to disable anything whilst the plane is taking off, legally you should, however it will not disrupt the plane if you leave them on and has been proven many times before it is instead to make sure everyone is ready in case the "brace" command needs to be shouted. I would also recommend underclocking the phone to the lowest frequency that keeps it usable, turning off animations as well should help you achieve a low clock speed with good usability.
  11. Thanks for the help k0zmic. Unfortunately most results turn up nothing on this subject or have paid apps or are rather old and therefore a newer app might be out with some even going unanswered. Here are the best search results I get from this forum: Un Deux
  12. Hello, I am currently running CM7 however with the new releases of 2.3 roms I am thinking of switching away due to their increased stability, however there is one feature that I like the most about CyanogenMod and that is the Notification bar power widget which allows for the switching of various things including 2G and 3G. Is there anything available from the market, preferably free that can provide such features? I have found alternative widgets although most lack the ability to switch between 2G and 3G which is the most important feature to me.
  13. Plxply

    Question about overclocking

    You'll have to slowly increase the clock speed and use the phone for about an hour or alternatively use the stress test in SetCPU for about 10 minutes each time. In the end you'll find a speed that crashes the phone during a stress test or normal operation and that's when you lower it down by one. I've seen people's clock speeds range from 672mhz to 768mhz stable, personally I can get around 729mhz stable however it is dependant on the phone. Also in regards to battery life the phone does not constantly run at the higher clock speed, only when it needs to when performing a high performance task such as running a game. As such if you leave your phone on standby a lot or only use it for calls and texts you will find that most of the time your clock speed will stay rather low.
  14. Also the fact that Windows Phone 7 is closed source which means it would require a lot of reverse engineering to get it work. The reason Android exists on so many devices including the iPhone and x86 computers is that since it's open source it is much, much easier to port over.